[Video] Nelly Talks Views On Marriage & Reveals Who He's Dating: 'I'm Spoiling Her To Death'

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Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 12.27.18 PM Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 12.27.32 PMNelly may be the co-star of the BET hit show, Real Husbands of Hollywood, but is he really ready to be a husband?

A few weeks ago, Bitchie correspondent Bianca Golden caught up with the St. Louis-bred rapper for a little sit-down chat, and he opened up about his fear of following in the footsteps of The Game and T.I. by putting his family on TV, as well as his love for his daughter.  Even though we've seen him with pretty chick LaShontae Heckard on his arm this year, when asked about marriage, he made it clear that when he does it, it will be forever.

Catch a few highlights and video below:

On if he'll get married

Relationships are tough, period. I don’t think people give other people the benefit of the doubt as far as trying to work within that situation and try to be the best person that they can. I only know two ways of marriage; my parents, and it didn’t work at all, and my grandparents did 61 years. So that, for me, is that serious. If you’re talking about doing that, then that means FOR LIFE! I’m one of those people, if I get married,  it’s one time and one time only. It’s no redos, no do overs, this is it! Do you understand what you’re saying? The rest of your life you want to wake up and see me. If that’s the person you’re with then that will be it but right now I just think marriage should be when it happens. I don’t think it should be dictated by society. Society shouldn’t be able to dictate your relationship, your heart or tell you when you should be married or by when you should be married or how your marriage should be. That ain’t a marriage, that’s a contract. For real, because only a contract tells you what you can do, what you can’t do, when you should do it. Your heart don’t tell you that, your heart is your heart.

Are you single right now?

Yeah, I’m married to the game right now. This album is my chick. I’m taking her everywhere with me. I’m spoiling her to death and I’m introducing her to everybody I meet, so we wide open.

On if he'd do a reality show with his family

I don’t want to say never or no because The Game and TIP is my brother. I think it’s a little bit different from when they came in the game and I came in the game. T.I. built up to this certain point [of where he is], when I came in, it was like boom! So everything was exposed. Everybody paid a vested interest in what the hell this Nelly thing and this guy was. The only thing I had separate from not being exposed was my family and my kids. I was nervous, I don’t know. My worst fear is someone doing something to my babies in retaliation for something dumb or just anything. So that’s a little bit different; I would never say never but I don’t know.

On the most personal song on his new album Mo

"Heaven" is real good. It’s more of a celebration of females. It’s more inspiring. My daughter is very, very special to me and to let her know that she can be anything that she wants as long as she believes she can do it,  and as long as she knows she has my support on whatever she wants to do. I think that’s big.

On when he stopped doing what he needed to do and started doing what he wanted to do

I think it’s kind of hard. I think when you have kids, I don’t think you ever do things that you want to do, I think everything is kind of like what you have to do.

Now don’t get it twisted, I’m not the perfect dad but I think I love perfect . My heart is perfect. My intentions may be a little off when it comes to what I do, I may not go about it the right way but there’s no one who can love their kids more. You can't love a child more than I love my child. So in that aspect of being a parent, I think that’s perfect. I screw up every day and I think the people that acknowledge that they screw up every day are people that you can take genuinely because they understand that they can be better. People that don’t acknowledge flaws…you might want to get from around them people.

Watch below

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