[Video] Keyshia Cole Dishes On Squashing Her Beef With Michelle Williams & Rumored Marriage Woes

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Keyshia Cole - True Exclusives
Keyshia Cole - True Exclusives 1

Keyshia Cole doesn't have any more time for drama. She's out here getting those checks.

Last week, she tore up the stage at WBLS's Circle of Sisters R&B Concert, before catching up with True Exclusives for a quick chat backstage where she talked about her upcoming album and mixtape, and cleared up a few rumors. During the interview, she revealed that she doesn't have any beef with Michelle Williams, explaining that the ladies hopped on the phone this summer to hash out their differences. When asked about the rumors that there may be trouble in her marriage, although she said that things are fine, her body language read differently.

Peep the highlights:

On the Michelle Williams beef

You know, she said some thing to me while I was on stage [performing at the Soul Train Awards.] It's fine. Me and Michelle spoke about it and she erased the tweet. She apologized for saying it because she said somebody else had tweeted about it but she wasn't watching or something like that. So, it's cool. It's over with. We've moved on.

On the rumors that her marriage is on the rocks

We're good. We're chillin'. We have a kid. We're married. So it's all love.

Keyshia also said that she's still open to doing reality TV if that check is right, and explained how she linked up with Steve Madden for her shoe line.

On if she'll ever do reality TV again

It depends. I want to but we have to make sure that it's done correctly, but we have to make sure that we get paid. So it's just very minor details. [Sidenote: Keyshia previously tweeted that she never got paid from BET for her reality show with Booby.]

On linking up with Steve Madden

A friend of mine asked me what I want to do besides working and singing and being an artist, and I said shoes because I love shoes obviously. And he said he knew Steve Madden and I've been wanting to work with him for a very long time. Met him and he was just an awesome person so we came up with the line and here we are.

Check out what else KeyKey had to say about working on new music and expanding her brand below:

True Exclusives

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