[Video] Kevin Hart Catches Beyonce's Towel And Fans Out

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There are fans, there are stans...and then there is Kevin Hart.

Last night, a few celebs gathered around the Beyhive stage at the Staples Center for an up close and personal experience with Beyonce and what ensued next was pretty funny.  During the brief break in her show, Beyonce started giving out towels to her fans so Kevin Hart started screaming "Give me a towel! I want a towel!!!!!!" Beyonce finally came over to Kevin, wiped her face with a towel and threw it his way which made him fan out!

He posted on Instagram:

That moment when you realize that you know the words to all of Beyonce's songs.... #iFainted #iWasInTheBeeHive #iThinkiTwerkedLastNight #iWasLostInTheMoment #F-ckYall #ShowWasTheShit

Peep the sequence of events in photos plus some footage below:

Beyonce and Kevin Hart concert Staples Center

Kevin Hart fans out in front of Beyonce
Kevin Hart fans out over Beyonce 2

Kevin Hart fans out over Beyonce

Kevin Hart at Beyonce's concert


Christina Milian and her fiancé Jas Prince were also spotted enjoying Bey's show, as well as Khloé Kardashian and her mom Kris Jenner.

And here's footage of Kevin screaming 'I want a towel' at Beyonce:

Kevin screams 'She looks like Tinkerbell" as Beyonce lands on the Beyhive stage [LOL! This guy....]


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