[Video] Chris Brown Causes Pandemonium As He Leaves The Courthouse

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It was straight chaos this evening as Chris Brown left the courthouse. According to reports, he was released without bail after the judge reduced his felony assault charge to a misdemeanor due to the victim having minor injuries.  As of now, the victim, 20-year-old Isaac Parker, and Chris Brown both have two different accounts of what happened on Saturday night.  While the victim claims he was punched after he jumped in a photo with two girls who were taking a photo with Chris, Chris' team is saying that the victim was trying to get on his tour bus, and that is what caused him to get a blow to the face from Chris' bodyguard for trespassing.  It hasn't been confirmed if it was Chris who threw the punch that fractured the victim's nose, or if it was his bodyguard.

Today, the arraignment was delayed for hours, due to the courtroom being overcrowded. When Chris' mom showed up with Trey Songz and saw the courtroom overflowing, she was not happy and had to be calmed down.

Catch the scene outside of the courtroom below:


A limo driver also recounts what he saw over at MYGCI

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