Adrienne Bosh Dishes on the Real Life of a Basketball Wife

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If you watched VH1's Basketball Wives, you may have somewhat of a distorted view of NBA wives and girlfriends, however Adrienne Bosh seems to be nothing like the women you've seen on television.

The Indiana native, who's married to Chris Bosh, sat down for an interview, where she revealed what life has really been like for her since marrying an NBA star.  According to Adrienne, when she's not coordinating a charity event, or taking care of her two children, she's making sure that Chris has everything that he needs and that his life is as stress-free as possible. She also dished on how she first met her husband, her style and her biggest challenges.

Will the couple be having more kids? You can count on that!  She said:

I'm an Aries. I'm from a small town in Indiana and I love family and everything that comes along with it and I can't wait to have many more Bosh babies.

Chris Bosh & Adrienne Bosh

Check out more highlights below:

On how she met Chris

We actually met at a charity event in New York. It was a soccer charity event for another NBA player. He was there. I was there with my girlfriend and we ended up meeting there as a fluke because my girlfriend was originally talking to one of his friends. It's kind of one of those awkward moments when you're kind of just sitting there like, 'Hey you having a good time,' 'Yeah, I'm having a good time'...We actually kept in contact for months and months before we ever went on our first date.

On how she balances motherhood with business

I'm okay with accomplishing one thing per day. I decided to put on my mom hat and if I'm just busy being in mom mode, then I'm okay with not accomplishing 80 other things that day. Then there's times when

you have to put on your wife hat and you have to make sure you're doing whatever you can to keep your husband happy and stress-free and making sure you're making sure you're getting his favorite items or making sure you're taking time for him. Other days I'm putting on my charity hat and figuring out what I can do for others around me. I don't try to tackle all the things at one time or every day because it can become overwhelming. It's okay to just intersect that day and just pick it out.

The life of a BBW

I can't speak for anyone else. All I can do is speak for myself, and the life of a basketball wife is much like the life of many other women out there and that's the first thing I try to talk to women about is that we're all more alike than anyone knows. Yes, my husband plays basketball, but I have the same moments of being a mom and being a wife and being a woman that you have. I have the moments where I want to break down. I have the moments where I'm complete happy and feel like a million bucks because I just got a new blow dryer and I'm completely happy with myself that day. And I have the moments where I'm's everything. Women that are basketball wives are women who are just like any other wives. We're trying to juggle it all. We're trying to make a difference. The women that I've encountered being in this situation have been amazing and I've had some amazing experiences with them. So, everyone I've come in contact with, they're beautiful mothers and wives and entrepreneurs.

Her greatest achievement

Being a mom. It's been amazing.

On her style

Feminine. Traditional. I love things that are all about glamour and celebrating being a woman and I enjoy being able to show your figure. Show your waist. I don't wear a lot of drapey clothes. I don't get into a lot of trends. I just stick with what I know and what I enjoy and that's being a woman.[...]Being in this position, of course my husband gets me great gifts. If he is going to spend that kind of money, spend it on items that I can wear multiple times.

On being a motivational speaker

I think with anyone, what you really get inspired by is the moments [when] things weren't so great for you and all of the moments where you learned from your mistakes and all of the moments where you said, 'You know what, I wish I could have done better.' I think you find ways from going through your life and navigating through your life where you say, 'You know what, I wish somebody would have told me this.' Or I wish a woman would have encouraged me during this point instead of me [feeling] like I'm all at it by myself. My whole point is, I want all of us as women to be able to come together and know [that you can].

On facing challenges

I think that a tough challenge for me other than trying to take it all on which any mom or wife can tell you that's what we do, but other than that I would say it's to live unapologetically. If it makes you happy and it makes your inner circle happy, your husband, your kids, whoever you are, then that's all that matters. You just need to remember you are beautiful and you are amazing and you are accepted in every form. You owe no explanation to anybody else other than yourself.

She's so positive!

Watch below:

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