[Video] Adrienne Bailon Finally Gets Her Rob Kardashian Butt Tattoo Removed

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Adrienne Bailon tattoo removal

Adrienne Bailon tattoo removal 3

Adrienne Bailon tattoo removal 4

Who knew that removing a past love from your life could be so damn painful!?

No one knows more than Adrienne Bailon.

Before Drake even decided to rap ,"Tat my name on you so I know it's real," she was already about that life.  The singer/talk show host was dating Rob Kardashian in 2007 when she went ahead and got his name inked on her booty during an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. The pair split in 2009 and the tattoo has been there ever since.

Adrienne has attempted to remove the past from her behind twice, but it looks as though she's finally getting rid of Rob once and for all with a brand new laser procedure.  This week, she allowed EXTRA TV cameras to follow her as she underwent the first of five laser tattoo removal treatments, while revealing:

What I love about the PicoSure laser is that it actually can work on people who've attempted to remove their tattoos and it hasn't worked before. This one is definitely the one to try. I actually had two [previous laser] sessions before this and I'd come home and see no difference. It looks like I just got a fresh tattoo done. There's no difference at all.


I've had really painful experiences before, doing laser tattoo removal. Really smelling like flesh burning. Ahh!

Adrienne is currently dating Roc Nation executive, Lenny Santiago. She says her longtime boyfriend was very understanding of the tat and just wanted her to get it safely removed.

People are always like, 'Is that offensive to the new man in your life, that you have someone else's name on your body?' And I love that I have a man that's not selfish.

I just feel like that's great to have somebody that not only wants it gone in a selfish way, but that he wants it to be done right, and it won’t be something that'll damage my skin and I’ll be scarred for life with.

Sex in certain positions has to be awkward for her and her boo. Hopefully, third time is the charm.

Adrienne Bailon tattoo removal 5 Adrienne Bailon tattoo removal 2

Now, the question is...has Rob removed that Adrienne Bailon tattoo from his rib cage:

2 Rob Kardashian Adrienne Bailon Tattoo


Watch her get the procedure done below:

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