Going Vegan? Follow These Ladies For Inspiration


If you've bravely trekked out on the journey to going vegan, you're not alone.

Whether you start full of inspiration, ready to embrace the plant-based diet head on, or if you're taking it a day at a time to see how long you last, there are women who have mastered the Vegan lifestyle, and seemingly with ease.

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These ladies not only make being Vegan look easy (it's safe to say their goal is let you know that if they can do it, you can too), but they give you tips you need, like recipes and quotes that only those who are struggling with the Vegan lifestyle can understand. Because let's be real, while it's possible, we can't deny le struggle. Take a look at a few ladies who make going Vegan easier for you!

Tracye McQuirter

Tracy McQuirter AKA By Any Greens is another veteran in the Vegan game that can help you stick with your journey. She's been living the life for 30 years and is also a certified public health nutritionist, so she can make your change a worthwhile and healthy one. She's also penned a handful of books for vegans, such as By Any Greens Necessary and the African American Vegan Starter Guide. And let me say this, she's proven that going vegan is just another reason that her black won't crack. Just like the other women on this list, she's showing that Black women can not only go vegan, but do it right.

Follow her on Instagram @byanygreens.

Featured image by Sweet Potato Soul

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