15 Vegan Soul Food Dishes That'll Make You Rethink Meat

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Going vegan is a very life-changing decision that will likely open you up to a whole new world of healthy living where you look as good as you feel, all courtesy of completely different way of eating.

Many people who are toying with the idea of going vegan are hesitant because they immediately start to think of all the foods they have to give up. Within the black community, soul food is one of the biggest types of food we eat, especially if you live in the South, which leaves many would-be and baby vegans dealing with the realization that soul food is permanently off the menu. Well, surprise…it's not!

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There are a host of delicious vegan soul food recipes that taste just as good as the real thing—and you probably won't even realize that the real meat and dairy is missing. We've compiled a list of vegan soul food recipes that are the stuff that comfort food dreams are made of. Look at these dishes at your own risk…and try not to drool!

Cauliflower Nashville Hot “Chicken”

Who says you actually need chicken to make a chicken dish? Good news, you don't, as evidenced by this savory and flavorful "chicken" recipe that begs you to go back for seconds. Check the recipe here.

Featured image by Vegan Huggs

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