Usher Explains Why Being Single Was 'The Hardest Thing That I've Ever Had To Do'
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Usher Explains Why Being Single Was 'The Hardest Thing That I've Ever Had To Do'

Veteran singer Usher Raymond candidly reflects on the challenges he endured following his failed relationships and reveals the steps he took to become a better person and partner.

Over the years, Raymond, who has been in the music industry for nearly three decades, has reportedly had high-profile relationships with TLC's Rozanda "Chilli" Thomas, fashion stylist Tameka Foster, and talent manager Grace Miguel. Since then, the 44-year-old has been dating music executive Jenn Goicoechea, and the couple welcomed two children together in their blended family. At the same time, the "Glu" crooner shares two sons with ex-wife Tameka Foster.

In the August digital cover of Vibe Magazine, Raymond opened up about why remaining single was challenging and how therapy helped him heal childhood traumas.

Usher On Why Remaining Single Was Difficult

In the discussion, the "U Got It Bad" songster revealed that he found remaining single after a breakup difficult because he had envisioned himself "creating a life with someone" despite having his fair share of heartbreaks.

"I think the hardest thing that I've ever had to do was be single," he told the publication. "Because I don't like to be alone. The idea of creating a life with someone is what I would like to do, maybe because I didn't have or didn't see that. And I get to remedy that idea by having an incredible partnership. I can then have the thing that I ultimately wanted to see. You know what I'm saying?"


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Usher on Therapy

When the topic shifted to Raymond's current relationship and why it's been more fulfilling compared to his other unions, the "There Goes My Baby" singer credited attending therapy as a fundamental part of his healing journey.

Raymond added that going to therapy helped him uncover why singleness and the need to be in a relationship stemmed from the hardships he experienced as a child having an estranged relationship with his late father, Usher Raymond III.

"Man, healing took a lot," he said when describing why his relationship with Goicoechea has been successful.

"Maybe I was suffering a lot from—just maybe not necessarily having the kind of love that I would've wanted as a kid. And wanting to figure out what that was all about. I didn't have that relationship that I would've wanted to have with my father. And that the relationship that I had with my mother was slowly beginning to be under pressure. Because one, we were working together. Two, we had our differences. Three, I was getting older, but I think it was just life lessons. The therapy really did help me be able to be by myself."

Raymond’s recent admission about healing from past traumas can help inspire others to face their challenges head-on.

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