6 Protective Styles For Transitioning To Natural When Twist Outs Aren't Enough


How many of us transitioning ladies have a love/hate relationship with natural hair?

We love the way it looks in YouTube videos and on Instagram, but thanks to a portion of our hair still impacted by perm, we clearly don't get the same results. Thankfully, there's a few ladies who have managed to master the art of their transition and still have their natural hair glowing.

Some of their top go-to styles can make our transition during the natural hair process an easy one. What I love about these styles is that each of them call for very little or no heat, so you can still protect your hair as you fully transition to natural. 'Cause that's the ultimate goal, right?

Sleek Ponytail

Seeing this video by Ameisha Maria seriously made me feel better about going natural all the way. When all else fails (i.e. that braid out didn't turn out the way you hoped), this can definitely serve as a go-to style for you. It's perfect for those moments you're invited somewhere, and the first thought is, "What am I gonna do with my hair?" It only calls for a pack of crochet hair (which is typically less than $10), a hair tie, and whatever product you use to lay down your edges and the rest of your hair.

What I love about this one is that you can literally take it off and put it back on the next morning. You can switch it up and twist it into a bun, or even go for a tighter or looser curl pattern. It's so flexible it works for work, date night/girls' night, and formal events.

What are some of your favorite transitioning hair styles?

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