[Transformation Tuesday] Carmelo Anthony & LeBron James Slim Down


Carmelo Anthony weight loss

There will be a few NBA players showing off new frames during the upcoming basketball season, and Carmelo Anthony is one of them.

Over the past few months, he has dropped some serious pounds.

The Knicks star debuted his new, slimmed down look on his Instagram yesterday to mixed reactions from his female fans. Ladies littered social media with positive comments ranging from, "Melo is one sexy piece of ass," to dissatisfied "why the heck did Melo lose weight??? He needs to get his sexy back ASAP!!!!"

The 30-year-old may have shed the pounds for health reasons. He was battling knee problems throughout the 2013-2014 NBA season.

Melo isn't alone in his weight loss journey. LeBron James has also dropped a reported 10-15 pounds from his 6'8 frame.

LeBron James weightloss

Check out more pics of both fellas below:

Carmelo Anthony weight loss 2


LeBron James weightloss 2LeBron & Savannah James Vacation 2014 7

According to health experts, LeBron (and possibly Carmelo) are on a low-carb diet:

The basic, scientific concept behind James’ weight loss and low-carb diet is simple: train the body to rely on fat for fuel. The goal of restricting your daily intake of carbohydrates is to create a metabolic state called ketosis, where the body uses fat as a source of energy instead of glucose (aka carbs) in the blood and liver. When carbs are restricted low enough, the body will produce ketones, which can be used as energy.

As James’ recent photos indicate, some of the immediate effects of the diet change are weight loss and better overall body composition. But Volek, who is also a professor at Ohio State University, says a low-carb diet has other, less visible advantages for elite athletes as well. “There are benefits related to recovery and even cognition and mental clarity—the brain is very efficient at using ketones as a stable fuel source.”

[...] Shanahan says that if James is successful with his low-carb approach, he “will be a monster” on the court next season. After watching athletes in the NBA, she says players’ energy fluctuations between the first and second halves are obvious, “performance plummets because the sugar burners are so pumped up on adrenaline, which drops drastically after halftime.” The best thing an athlete can do is to go through the metabolic shift induced by a low-carb diet.

We will just have to wait until October to see how effective Melo and LeBron's new diets are on their performance.

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