Tiny Speaks Out On The Floyd Mayweather Rumors & Saving Her Marriage

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We've heard T.I.'s side. We've heard Floyd Mayweather's side. Now we're finally hearing from the woman who has these two men acting cray.

After releasing a new single titled "What The F-ck You Gon Do" on iTunes yesterday, Tiny stopped by Dish Nation to break her silence on all the drama that's been happening in her marriage over the past few months. While there, she addressed the rumors of her allegedly sleeping with Floyd Mayweather, and she also revealed that she and T.I. are still together and working hard to save their marriage.

Peep a few highlights:

On Floyd Mayweather saying he slept with her during his recent press conference

He didn't say that cause that never happened. He's never been in a room with me by hisself. Anytime he's been around me, it's been people like this. So I couldn't imagine him saying, 'Yeah! I did that!'


It's tough [being friends with Floyd]. If you ain't doing nothing. It's tough that you can't be out and take a picture with somebody. If you hiding nothing, what is that you think I'm doing? I'm out here!

On her relationship status with T.I.

We're still together. We're working at it. We're working hard.

Tiny also squashed rumors that said both their new singles, "What The F-ck You Gon Do" and T.I.'s "Stay" are publicity stunts. The singer revealed the songs are "straight from their hearts" and are in fact their life stories.

Well her life story is currently making for some great music because "WTFYGD" shot to #1 on iTunes R&B/Soul chart last night. Get it Tiny!

Watch a few short clips below:

Tiny Confirms Whether She And T.I. Are Divorced

Tiny On Rumors Of Dating Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

Tiny On Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s Press Conference

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