This model's journey of self-love is a reminder that men have insecurities too

Aside from redefining standards of beauty in men through his modeling career, Darius wrote something on his Instagram page recently that...

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Meet Darius Mickey.

This gorgeous UK based model has a skin condition called Vitiligo, where the pigment is lost from some parts of the skin. In his case, the condition is most visible on his hands, which is the focal point in most of the images he shares on social media.

Darius is without question, redefining standards of beauty in men through his modeling career, however the British model recently wrote something on his Instagram page that gave insight into the male psyche that we may not have considered before.

He shared:

IN '97 my grandma became ill, #VITILIGO appeared on my lips and side of my face, she got better....my vitiligo disappeared...the next year unfortunately she passed away....#vitiligo came back and I am now who I am.

She comforted me in many of my kiddy fears and was the only person who I felt could empathize with me and didn't mind being around me.
I've had "friends" who were ashamed to be around me and people who no longer want be around me as a result of #vitiligo. But this is my reminder that she'll always be around. LOVE YOU SO MUCH X #vitiligo#insecurities #embrace #lovedones #bond#cherish #memories #tattoos #GOD #pray#hands #lips #model #depth #mystory#onlyhalf #loveyou

He added in another caption:

“As a man I often feel forgotten,

like the beauty of a man is a latent and ancient ruin and every so often a tourist will pass by and make a quick snap for the history of a man but rarely for the stunning architecture,

Compliments and Acknowledgement are rare commodities,

For some of us there is no make up to cushion

the fall of rejection or hiding who we are,

We are who we are,

For me, Beauty is the perfect combination of inner and outer quality,

We are the future husbands, father’s & uncles of this generation,

it would really be nice and purposeful to be equipped with words of affirmation, for the battle of acceptance….”

As women we have countless campaigns on redefining beauty, we encourage each other to be give more compliments, and build nests of support for one another. These campaigns usually do not include men, and that can be attributed to the fact that men don’t usually talk about their insecurities. In an era of rigid hypermasculinity where it may be considered too weak to voice concerns on low self-self esteem. This widely held belief in male invincibility contributes to the fact that many heath care providers aren’t really trained to recognize signs of eating disorders in men.

I invite you to look at the men in your life, and try to find ways to be more generous with compliments, to help them build value in the body that they have. None of us of course should have our sense of worth wrapped entirely around our physical appearance, but it’s always nice to hear a compliment.

Darius Mickey’s honest journey toward self-love could perharps be an invitation for men to allow themselves the vulnerability to admit their own struggles, and start a journey toward self-love and Self-compassion.

Isabelle Masado is a woman whose purpose is to remind people that they are seen, listened to, and that they matter. She seeks to empower people with the skills to live their best life. On her blog at Dear Body Project, she inspires people to rebuild a relationship of love and compassion with their own bodies.

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