This London Artist Reimagining Black Girls As Van Gogh Paintings Is Proof Of Our Magic


The black woman is a prime example of life imitating art. But what happens when art imitates life?

Enter: 22-year-old artist Aisha Mohamed.

The London-based artist takes her appreciation for Black women and subjects them into pieces of art to be marveled at. Known on Twitter as @blackpowerpufff on social, Aisha posts her art frequently, always inspiring her followers with her use of color and texture. Integrating romanticism and modernism into her work produces a whimsical yet culturally-relevant flair. Evident themes throughout her art are nature, Black sisterhood, love, and culture.

"Black women have always inspired me; our strength, our determination, our vulnerability. Our very existence is where I draw inspiration from."

Black women have been consistently the center of magic and the past year was a confirmation for the solidarity that exists between us. Aisha's art is pushing the agenda of appreciation for beauty that is often overlooked in mainstream media. In her latest work to go viral, Aisha innovatively repurposed classic paintings by Van Gogh and utilized contemporary Black women artists as the subjects. Zoe Kravitz and Solange are pictured in this series of art.

Aisha has been receiving love for her art over the internet, and her gratitude for the love might turn into another amazing art piece.

"A lot of times in these mediums Black women are depicted in a very one-dimensional way. I think it's important to represent all our differences and all our similarities, especially for young black girls."

Inclusion is extremely critical where vacancies exist in the art world. Representation is important for younger generations so that their voices can be found and tended to, to reap their own expression within their lives.

In spaces where Black is often overlooked, Aisha is using her artistic abilities to bring attention to the inevitable black girl magic that exists all around us.

Check out more of her work below:

For more black girl magic inspiration, follow Aisha and her work on Twitter and Instagram.

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