This $15 Handheld Fan From Amazon Will Be Your New BFF For The Rest Of Summer
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This $15 Handheld Fan From Amazon Will Be Your New BFF For The Rest Of Summer

As someone who has spent the larger part of her life in the South, I have never felt heat and humidity quite like New Orleans, Louisiana.

Last year, I visited ESSENCE Fest for the first time, and with little context as to what the weekend of events would entail, one thing I did know — for a fact — was that I would be sweating from head to toe. While prepping for the trip, I was advised by a festival expert that if I was going to make it through Bourbon St. and beyond, one item I needed by my side was a compact, handheld fan to serve as my personal central air, on hand. And with two summers down, it’s been my greatest cooling companion ever since.

The JISULIFE Handheld Fan has guaranteed my personal cooling experience, and I can’t help but stan this fan.


The device boasts an impressive amount of endurance, delivering a remarkable 46 hours of battery life at speed one, 35 hours at speed two, and 13 hours at speed three, and might I add that’s all on a mere 3-4 hours of full charging. It provides micro wind power that’s sure to make this fan your ultimate BFF in the battle against heat.

Not only is this fan adorable in its design, but it’s also compact enough to fit in your clutches and pocketbooks that meet bag size restrictions at concerts or for when you want to drop it in your bag or pocket while making moves this summer.

It’s whisper-quiet, and as if its design wasn't already impressive, it comes with a built-in flashlight, that activates with a simple long press of the power button when the fan is stationary. I wasn’t kidding when I said it truly has it all.

I’ve personally found my JISULIFE Handheld Fan to have the extra perk of being a conversation starter when I’m out running errands through the city or keeping the sweat at bay while at a summer night function.

I recently attended a party that attracted a noticeably large crowd and an even more notable layer of heat in the midst of all the dancing. Being quick on my feet, I remembered that I had packed my handheld fan along with me and pulled it out to come to my rescue. When my little pink propellers started twirling in the dim club, I soon began to get requests from suitors looking to bask in my personal cooling experience.

I obliged some for a moment and politely declined the request to share with others, but in both cases, it was fun to see my little cooling BFF work overtime as my ventilation system and party trick for the night.

Now, I’m not forcing you to open your purse and add another item to your Amazon wishlist, but if by chance you had the time and coin to spare, I can assure you it would be $15 well spent. So if you’re looking to upgrade your self-comfort and keep that good air flowing while you’re out and about, I highly recommend grabbing this fan for the rest of this summer and the next.

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