Online Chivalry? Tyrese Writes An Open #WCW Love Letter to Janelle Monáe

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Janelle Monae and Tyrese at Stevie Wonder's Surprise 65th Birthday Party 2015 6Janelle Monae and Tyrese at Stevie Wonder's Surprise 65th Birthday Party 2015 2

Sweet lady... would you be mine?

It's safe to say that Tyrese is off his "Baby Boy" and on to his grown and sexy!

Either Tyrese saw Janelle Monáe's new "Yoga" video or he's been jonesing for the eclectic singer on the low, because teetering along the lines of Thursday, the singer decided in the wee hours of the night to let it be known that he's got a thing for Ms. Monáe! After recently getting the chance to sing alongside Janelle at Stevie Wonder's 65th surprise birthday party, Ty took to his Instagram to put Janelle up as his "Woman Crush Wednesday," but even deeper than that, took the time out to "pen" an extended caption to his favorite Electric Lady, holding absolutely nothing back:

#WCW I'm in my grown man feelings tonight! - I hope you get the message -

I'm a sucker for a naturally beautiful, God fearing woman who's smart and authentic who's strong and self sufficient - most guys out here will run fast and be intimidated with the idea of all the things I just mentioned about you... tonight I showed up to celebrate and and to be apart of one of the most special nights of my life as a singer Stevie Wonder turned 65 and I asked to sit in Janelle Monae section she blessed me and said of course and was I reminded of a feeling I've had before a few times before.... I often wonder what I can protect you from.... What I can help you with, what insight of information can I give to help further your goal and life's intentions - is there anything I can do or say to support you and just just help you get ahead - I often wonder - sweet dreams - (((( I know a few girls who would feel like they deserve this post - )) I'm sure I'm gonna catch some heat for this post - I'm so sure ha! But I won't delete it - cause I speak my truth..... And my truth won't change......

Tyrese Pens Open Love Letter to Janelle Monae 2015

Oh my! The only thing missing here is the caption being sealed with a kiss (emoji, that is)!

Anyway, sticking by his bold proclamation and proving that he meant every word (no alcohol to blame here), the entertainer caught the flack he expected to receive and decided to defend his act of romance, while also pointing out that tomorrow isn't promised, per the untimely passing of great friend and actor, Paul Walker.

#ThinkingOutLoud Is this true? They say chivalry is dead, they say the days of men pursuing women are behind us, they say that speaking your heart or expressing your feelings privately or publicly has been diminished to being called "Thirst" I love it...... Truly I do!!!!!! Hahahahhahhaha!!!!!! It says nothing about me on any level!! It actually highlights and speaks to immaturity...... When the cup of blessings in and around your life and career has runith over and over and over again you couldn't possibly be thirsty cause you're never without- ...... In this life I have learned that death isn't beyond any of us...... It doesn't matter what your net worth is or how fly, sexy or handsome any of us believe we are....: Since I lost my brother Paul Walker I've learned to love NOW, express my feelings, seek and address issues for the sake of clarity, do it TODAY cause its arrogant to believe that next week is promised.....: It's also arrogant to believe the the next seconds of life belong to you... If you didn't or haven't heard it's #GrownManSeason

If you want it.......... Push your pride and ego to the side and get it.... I'll wait..... Nah... Not me

Honestly, people have a lot to say about men who post up "Instagram Models" with their backs out as their WCW, but a single father and Hollywood bachelor like Tyrese decides to upload flawless editorial shot of Janelle Monáe accompanied by a few sweet words and all of a sudden he's "thirsty." It's like you can't win!

We are so here for Tyrese bigging Janelle up for the QUEEN that she is!

This isn't Tyrese's first time dedicating a post to a strong, independent lady in the industry. Earlier this year he also had more than a few words for former co-star and onscreen love interest, Taraji P. Henson. You can check that out on page 2.

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