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Give yourself a high-five girl! You sashayed through January like a true queen. So far, you've made it through a government shutdown, extremely cold temperatures, and whatever else life has to throw at you. If nobody has told you yet today, I'm proud of you, sis!

Now that it's time to milly rock on into Black History Month, let's take a few minutes to reminisce on some of your favorite articles on xoNecole this month. So without any further ado, let's get into it! And as always, thank you for reading!

Your January 2019 Monthly Horoscopes Are Here!

Laci Jordan/xoNecole

The planets had us all shook up in January, but luckily our girl KelBel has the perfect astrological advice to help you navigate through the new year like a boss. Thanks to the partial lunar eclipse last month, your Sun sign is in full effect, so be sure to read up on how your rising sign will be affected as well!

This Entertainment Lawyer Started Her Own Firm To Help Black Creatives

Courtesy of Desiree L. Talley

As a creative professional in these entrepreneurial streets, you have to not only protect your neck but your intellectual property as well. Desiree L. Talley started her law firm in NYC to help young, Black business owners do exactly that. After years of watching her friends become victims of creative theft, Desiree quit her job and started the Talley Law Group. Check out this interview with Desiree by xoNecole writer London Alexandria to learn how this young go-getter is carving a lane for both herself and her friends in the business world.

10 Podcasts All Aspiring Girl Bosses Need To Listen To

Getty Images

Girls just wanna have fun… and run wildly successful businesses. This compilation of podcasts put together by writer, MIKA, will allow you to do both, at the same damn time. From shows like Side Hustle Pro, where you can learn how to make your hustle a full-time job, to Redefining Wealth, where host Patrice Washington explains how to chase purpose instead of a paycheck, you will get your whole life by adding these podcasts to your playlist.

8 Boss Women On Moving In Silence & How To Find Your Own Rhythm

Courtesy of Jasmine Katrina

As a girl boss in the digital age, it's tempting to post all of our wins on social media, but xoNecole writer Ashley Hobbs sat down with eight successful boss ladies to talk about the importance of moving in silence. In these interviews, women discuss why they think it's important to celebrate some wins solo. Read this gem to learn why these women say that real success is way more than just looking the part, it's about doing the work.

Here’s Why Barbados Should Be Your Next Girls Trip

Photo by Will Edmond

We talk a lot about Jamaica, but you can really bring your inner bad gal out on your next girls trip to Riri's hometown. Admittedly, a lot of people (including myself) sleep on Barbados but with private cooking classes on the beach, island safaris, and views that are to die for, how could you deny that this was a vacation you didn't know you needed? Writer, Ianthia Smith gives us the scoop on how to live your best life on the island and highlights some of the dopest tourist attractions to check out on your trip.

10 Foods You Should Eliminate From Your Diet If You're Trying To Lose Weight

Getty Images

An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but a granola bar every morning may just be keeping you from reaching your weight loss goals. If you're working out consistently and still aren't seeing the results you were looking for on your fitness journey, the culprit could be a few sneaky food items that you didn't even know were sabotaging your dreams of being snatched. In this piece, Emerald Elitou enlists the help of professional nutrition specialist and certified trainer, Tasha Turnbull to get to the bottom of this conundrum.

Why You're Always The One Who Prepares A Man For His Wife

Getty Images

I think I may need a choir and an organist to bring me in on this one y'all, because Shellie said A WORD. Somebody turn to your neighbor, and say "NEIGHBOR…It's time to love in LEVELS." We as women can have the tendency to assume the role of a man's wife before he even puts a ring on our finger, only to watch him marry a woman and be everything that he said couldn't be for you, to her. In this piece, Shellie. R Warren reminds us of four major keys that will keep us from being the woman who always prepares a woman for his wife.

Here’s How This High-Profile Wardrobe Stylist Finds Balance In Her Life

Germanee Gerald

In this Finding Balance feature, xoWriter Sky Johnson gets up, close, and personal with celebrity wardrobe stylist, Germanee Gerald, who left her 9 to 5 in 2015 to become a full-time entrepreneur. Since then, Geramee has acquired a roster of high-profile clients that keep her booked and busy. In this exclusive, the young stylist shares how she stays mentally, physically, and spiritually healthy while she's on a full-time grind.

How This Couple Knew They Found Their One


D'Angelo and Latasha met at a yacht party at Lake Lanier in 2017 that would ultimately change the trajectory of both of their lives. D'Angelo ran nearly 15 minutes late for their first date, but even that couldn't stop these love birds from falling head over heels for one another. Although he had a child from a previous relationship and she was wary about dating a single-father, both D'Angelo and his daughter were successful in winning over Latasha's heart. Check out this piece by Sheriden Chanel to learn more about this couple's unconventional love story.

17 Pieces Of Advice Our Mothers Gave Us About Sex That Stuck With Us

Getty Images

The birds and the bees ain't got sh*t on this list of info (and misinfo) that we've gathered over the years from our mothers and grandmothers. Kiarra Sylvester asked 17 women about the most impactful advice they've received from their moms about sex and she got some pretty colorful answers. Although my mother has, in my opinion, given me some pretty solid advice to stand on in my adult life, I'm sad to say that's not the case for every woman. This piece reminds us how important it is to talk about sex with our daughters so that unlike the women before us, they are able to understand and embrace their sexuality, instead of feeling ashamed or embarrassed by it.

Featured image by Getty Images.

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