A Celeb-Inspired Haircut Is Exactly The Change The New Season Called For

When a woman cuts her hair, she's getting ready to change her life, and it's about that time, sis.


When a woman cuts her hair, she's getting ready to change her life, and it's about that time sis.

Our hot girl summer has officially come to an end, and fall is here, and with each new season, you deserve a new look; that's why we've gathered a list of celebrity-inspired haircuts that will have you booking an appointment with your barber of choice ASAP.

Whether you're into a sleek look or you're on your Tami Roman sh*t and prefer a blonde TWA look, short hair is the perfect accessory for every kind of melanated beauty this fall.

Without further ado, let's get into 7 fly ass haircuts you should try out this fall. Alexa, play Eve - "Who's That Girl":

Toya Wright

Last week, Toya Wright also debuted a new cut on the 'gram, and her simple but sweet side swoop and meticulously laid baby hair is everything we didn't know we needed.


Fantasia has been the queen of short cuts for years and from the looks of it, sis doesn't plan on getting her foot off our necks anytime soon.

Pro Tip: If you're opting for an edgier look but don't feel comfortable coloring your entire head of hair, try adding a peek-a-boo pop of color to the front like Fantasia.

China McClain

It's clear that Daddy's Little Girl isn't so little anymore, and her low cut fade is serving me all of the grown-ass woman energy. Add a hoop earring for maximum flyness.


While this singer has been known to switch up her hair and rock bundles from time to time, nobody in the history of the planet can rock a pair of kitten heels and a pixie cut like Monica. Don't @ me.

Cynthia Erivo

Whoever told you short hair couldn't be wildly feminine was a damn lie, and this brown-skinned beauty is living proof. I'm not sure how many trips to the salon it took Cynthia Erivo to achieve this perfectly platinum blonde, but I need it right now.

Jada Pinkett Smith

Last but not least, the Empress of Pixie Cuts herself, Miss Jada Pinkett Smith. Although auntie has been rocking the headwraps lately, may we never forget the short hair slay that was given to us by Jada time and time again.

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Featured image by China McClain/Instagram

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