7 Celebs On The Beauty Rituals That Keep Their Melanin Poppin'

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"Black don't crack" has been proven to be more than an opinion or a phrase that rhymes and makes for a great hashtag. At this point, it's a well-known fact. And we know this thanks to women who have provided more than enough evidence of this truth.

Thankfully, they're not selfish with their tricks and are actually very open about how their skin and melanin is glowing at all times (and how they've managed to take years off their looks). These women haven't been shy about sharing their skin care routine, and I'm certainly here for the gems they're dropping.

Here's how a few of our favorite women used their skin care routines to tap into the ever elusive fountain of youth:

Angela Bassett

Ever since I saw Angela Bassett gettin' jiggy wit it for her 60th birthday, I have been in even more awe of how amazing she looks. Homegirl is 60 and she's not missing a beat!

Recently, she broke down her weekly diet and made me want to grab a pen and scribble down her secrets. For starters, she said she switches it up and might stick with carbs and fruits on Mondays and Tuesdays. She then goes to protein and vegetables for Tuesdays and Wednesdays. She made it clear she eats fruits every day and goes in on fats for the last three days, citing that it's always good fats like salmon and coconut oil.

Angela also revealed that she goes to an esthetician on the regular and of course gets it in at the gym. Thank you, Angela, for teaching us your ways.

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