These $10 Makeup Finds Will Keep Your Melanin Popping… And Smelling Good At The Same Time


The only thing better than a new summer wardrobe are new summer beauty products to keep your melanin looking drool-worthy all season. Over here at xoNecole, we're all for drugstore beauty finds and CoverGirl is one of the most popular and legendary beauty brands, with products that continue to make women look and feel their best without breaking the bank.

Arriving just in time for summer, CoverGirl is launching a new collection of scented makeup exclusively hitting the Walmart shelves this month. Scented makeup has become pretty popular recently and CoverGirl has found a way to embrace the trend and make it available to customers at an affordable price.

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The new cosmetics line features chocolate and peach-scented highlighters, bronzers, contour palettes, eyeshadow palettes and blush, all for under $10, making this a steal and a perfect way to have some makeup fun and keep your melanin popping all summer. (Sidebar: Champagne, rose, and deep burnt caramel-scented highlight-and-contour palettes are on the way for the brand as well.)

Check out the full product breakdown of the new line and let us know which products you're feeling and will be picking up to slay the scene all summer '18! Click through the gallery below!

1. Chocoholic Eyeshadow Palette:

Get the same look as the leading higher-priced eyeshadow palette – with the TruNaked Chocoholic eyeshadow palette. The eyeshadow palette features universally flattering shades that are made to be blended together, so you can mix and match colors and always look flawless.

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