The Trailer For Chocolate City (Or What Some Are Calling 'The Black Magic Mike') Is Here!

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Clutch your pearls, and get ready for a girls' night out because Chocolate City is about to hit a theater near you!

Ladies, the movie that's been labeled as the black Magic Mike is about to make you sweat and the studios are trying to heat things up in the privacy of your living rooms with a trailer that will have you buying presale tickets and calling into work s-t-a-t.

Directed by Jean-Claude LaMarre, the film follows a college student played by "One on One" star Robert Ri'chard who turned to becoming a male stripper in order to pay his way through school. Giving us more shirtless and chiseled eye candy are co-stars Tyson Beckford, Darren Dewitt Henson, Michael Jai White and Ginuwine, who strip down in the film and show us what they are working with.


Comedian Deray Davis and Vivica Fox round out the star-studded cast.  This definitely doesn't look like it'll be a straight-to-DVD affair.

Get ready for some sexual chocolate to hit the big screens on May 22, and satisfy your taste buds with the exclusive trailer below:

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