The Things Men Say On Dates That Are Huge Red Flags


Recently, a guy told me that he wasn't into dating because he felt that it came with too much pressure. To him, when it came to getting to know a woman a little better, he preferred to go to her house (or have her come to his) and watch a movie or something.

Geez. If you could only see my face right now. Before "Netflix and Chill" was a phrase on a graphic T-shirt, I never thought "dating at home" was a good idea. What I mean by that is the first five dates or so, that needs to be about two people not only getting to know one another but showing the effort that they are willing to invest in doing so. When all a guy does is come over, eat up your food and use up your electricity while watching something on your television…not only does that come off as rather lazy on his part, on your end, it also doesn't really convey what your expectations are—when it comes to exploring the possibility of a relationship.

So yeah, if there is a mutual attraction between you and someone new, please require that you both go outside of one another's residences for the first few dates. And then also, in the effort to set a few more standards, make sure that open communication is a top priority. Oh, and if you happen to hear the following things come out of your date's mouth, I strongly suggest that you reconsider going on another outing with him and that you definitely don't give him the honor of dinner and a movie at your crib any time soon.

“Funny. You look a lot different than I thought you would.”

Since reportedly around 40 percent of couples meet online, this wack sentence has to go into the mix. Now, it's one thing to kittenfish someone (which is basically when you exaggerate your appearance or facts about yourself). But if you meet someone via a dating site, app or even your IG and your pic is pretty recent, but they come at you being all "cryptically critical" right out of the gate, not only is that rude but it may show they're somewhat controlling side very early on.

What I mean by that is if he's always nitpicking at your appearance and you let that slide, he might start sneaking in comments about your hair, your weight or what outfits he thinks you should be wearing.

I'm not saying this applies to all men. I'm just saying that a statement like this is tacky at best, so it's a good idea to keep your guard up. For real, for real.

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