The Looks We Loved From Weekend 1 Of Coachella


'Chella has taken over our feeds and we can't help but stan for the stylish babes making festival season look easy.

The time has come for the festival of all festivals – Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. After attending this wonderland last year, I believe it should be on every human's bucket list because it is an amazing experience. Hosted in Indio, California, it is held annually during two weekends in April and is one of the most renowned festivals in the world. Even Beyonce's 2018 performance is making its way to Netflix this week.

From the numerous musical stages to the art installations to the slew of food vendors, people of all ages fawn over the 72 hours spent in the desert. Music is the reason for the festival but we believe the festive fashions are the true main event. Just like you, we have been double-tapping our lives away from all of styles from 'Chella. We have gathered some of our faves and you don't wanna miss this dope slideshow!

Shannon and Shannade Clermont 

The Clermont Twins are known to shut down any scene they step on so Coachella was no different. They are the only people that could successfully pull off such a risque look. I mean, it is the desert!

Are you having Coachella FOMO? Which look did you love most?

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Featured image by Jasmine Tookes/Instagram

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