Kingston Queens: All The Looks That Slayed Jamaican Carnival So Far

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You can travel all around the world, but you won't find any place that parties quite like the Caribbean. This past weekend, Jamaica celebrated its annual Carnival celebration that always takes place the weekend after Easter and judging by the photos, it was a fete to remember.

Carnival was originally a pagan festival, celebrated by Egyptians and Greeks, but was later evolved by Romans into Carne Vale, a religious holiday that marked the beginning of Lent. Lacking both feathers and melanin, this celebration was far from the lavish festival we see today.

The first modern celebration of Carnival took place after Caribbean citizens were emancipated from European slave owners and were free to party as they saw fit. Although Carnival became a regular event for the people of Trinidad and Tobago in the 1800s, the celebration wasn't introduced to Jamaica until the 1940s by a group of Trinidadian students at the University of the West Indies. After a year of careful planning and conceptualization by Jamaican music pioneer, Byron Lee, the first official festival, which was called Mas, took place on the island in 1990.

Since then, people from around the world gather annually in Kingston to enjoy a combination of dancehall and soca music for a festive feather and costume jewelry-filled weekend in the sun; check it out, melanated queens of all ages came through with the drip.

While Carnival season usually kicks off in January on the island, the city of Kingston expected more than 40,000 people for this year's celebration.

Although Trinidad has one of the biggest Carnival celebrations in the Caribbean, Carnival in Jamaica is said to be the fastest growing, and we can totally see why. This year, the ladies of Kingston held nothing back and savagely slayed the streets of Jamaica with their amazing costumes and bomb makeup looks and xoNecole has a front seat to the action!

Get a glimpse of some of our favorite looks from Jamaica's Carnival festival below!

Featured image by Instagram/@kimberly_megan.

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