The Game Sends Ex-Fiancée Tiffney Cambridge A Very Loving Birthday Message

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"Only in love and war..."

Remember when Tiffney Cambridge filed a police report against The Game for allegedly putting his hands on her and breaking her nose? Remember when The Game alleged she was brainwashing their two kids and keeping them away from him? All of that seems to be water waaaay under the bridge now.

This weekend, while Tiffney celebrated her birthday in Vegas,  Game was on daddy duty with the couple's kids so that she could bring her special day in right.  He also hopped on Instagram to publicly profess his love and appreciation for Tiffney in a heartwarming message that read:

Happy birthday to the beautiful @lovetiffney... The best mother, care taker & provider for our children I could ever ask for. In relationships, there are ups & downs... negatives & positives but no matter what the years have brought & left... On this day I want you to know that you are both acknowledged & very appreciated. Through the years, we've been through a lot but no matter how big the hurdle.... We got up & over it & have always managed to get back to a peaceful existence. & again, for blessing me with @kingjusticetaylor & @lilmisscali.. I am forever in debt & will make sure you guys are always taken care of.... #1 because it's in me to do so & #2 is because you are very deserving of it.... Thanks for helping me grow as a person & being there to say the least. Enjoy your birthday..... & do not let anyone steal your sunshine. Love

At the end of June, we chatted with Tiffney who revealed that aside from what we saw played out on Instagram and in the media, things were working out fine between the former couple:

Jaceyon and I are not together and we haven't been for some time. Right now we are focusing on being co-parents to Cali and Justice and we're really concerned that are parenting skills are up to par not just now as they are young but throughout their lives. Right now that is just are focus.

I think what you are seeing on the reality show is really what is going on. We are living two separate lives. He has his life and does his thing. I have my life and do mine. The kids are doing well with adjusting, going between both of our households. They are comfortable at their dad's and they're comfortable here. So I'm really happy with how everything is turning out.

It's good to see that they are putting their differences aside and focusing on their kids.

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Tiffney Cambridge (2)

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The Game and daughter Cali


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