The-Dream: 'There Are No Male Powerhouse Singers'

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The Dream interview with VladTV 2013 1 The Dream interview with VladTV 2013

No question, The-Dream knows how to spot a powerhouse voice and produce some banging Grammy-worthy hits for artists that might fly under the radar, but according to him, male R&B has been lacking.

Previously, the hitmaker revealed that if there was an R&B supergroup, it would include Chris Brown, The Weeknd, Trey Songz, and Miguel, however, there is no male artist that has a big, take 'em home to heaven powerhouse voice that would have everybody waving their praise flags and calling on the Lord.

Where's the big voice? Nobody really has that anymore. That thing. Nobody has that Johnny Gill s--t. That big go to church...there's no go to church voice now if you really think about it. I'm looking for 'em. It's hard to find 'em.

[What about R. Kelly???] R. Kelly wasn't purely like, go to church though. He was more relying on tone. He has a great tone. K-Ci and JoJo. Those big powerhouse things. They don't really exist anymore. Maybe everybody stopped going to church and stopped getting whippings. Whippings usually creates a great voice. That switch or getting beat with a rose stem.

On if church influenced him

Oh yeah some type of way man. I'm from the South. Everybody go to church and sing there first. You can't sing nowhere if you don't sing in church. It wasn't like there's a choir, you're in the choir if you just come to church. Like, 'Come on buddy! Let's go.'

Watch below:

Spotted @ VLAD TV

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