The Dope Abodes Collection

Our homes are some of the most sacred places in our lives. From the artwork adorned on the walls to the linens draped over the beds, every product in our home means something to us - whether we know it or not. After being home for 12 consecutive months, we're all taking better inventory of the pieces and spaces we give energy to.

We often think of our homes as our temples, our refuge from the world, our safest among safest places. And in this day and age, we are reminded just how fragile our space can be. And how important the pieces that reside in it, match the person who does as well.

Sage Energy Cleansing Kit

There's nothing like stepping into a new season with a full spiritual cleanse. Harvested in California and assembled in Atlanta, this white sage cleansing kit is ideal for eliminating negative energies for yourself, your home, or any space before the new season starts. This one even comes with the Palo Santo wood stick and the cutest shell!

La Nirvana Organics

This Candle Smells Like Summer

We are obsessed with scents that instantly transport us to the nostalgia of summer even as we experience it in the present. This Candle Smells Like Summer by The Collins House is exactly that. With top notes of mango, orange, and apple, and base notes of passionfruit and raspberry -- this candle is undoubtedly the vibe you're waiting for.

The Collins House

Wooden Incense Holder - LIGNE

For those of us channeling our inner Erykah Badu vibes with our incense on deck, R-KI-TEKT has the perfect home decor find. You can thank us later because this wooden incense holder will be the cutest thing displayed in your home all summer long. It's available in LIGNE as well as RAHA and is perfect for any small space.


Colorful Kids Plates

Two things that children struggle with: encouragement and eating healthy. With this product, parents are killing two birds with one stone. Available in a bevy of professions, parents can personalize any plate to give their children continued encouragement, even while eating their greens.

Colorfull Plates

African Print Drum Lampshade

If you're looking for an easy way to add something new to your space this summer, look no further than Nifteenest's lampshades. Ranging from minimalist to eye-catching prints, these lampshades are handmade featuring African prints and fabrics. This geometric lampshade with monochromatic hues is perfect for brightening up any space and adds a dynamic layer to an otherwise basic home decor item.

Niftee Nest

"Lenox" Luxury Candle

Inspired by the sweet heartbeat of Harlem, this luxury candle reflects the spirited soul fostered by Lenox Avenue and the seductive magic of the famed thoroughfare. With notes of tangerine, coconut, vanilla, and sandalwood, you couldn't pick a better candle to burn on those sweet summer days with lovers and friends.

Harlem Candle Co.

Sea Biscuit Appetizer Set 4-Plate

In one's humble opinion, you can never go wrong with a set of stylish small plates, and these turquoise porcelain appetizer plates are no exception. Handmade in Jamaica and inspired by nature, you'd be hard-pressed to find a chicer set of plates. But don't let the title fool you; the flexibility of small plates in your home is endless. They can be delicately placed on a nightstand for jewelry, alongside an entryway table for keys trinkets, or merely on a bedroom vanity for aesthetic purposes; the possibilities are endless.

Baughaus Design

Amara Serving Set

You'll be the talk of your dinner party crew with this marble and wood Amara serving set. From picnics in the park to romantic dinners with your partner, these marble and wood spoons are perfect for any occasion.

The Muted Home

Nzinga 20-Piece Family Set

A collection fit for a queen, the Nzinga Family Set is a modern and bold take on traditional dining sets. This particular pattern is inspired by Queen Nzinga, the mighty Warrior Queen of Angola, and symbolizes a commitment to family and community. Plus, with a set of 20, there's no limit to who you can invite over!

Kultured Kitchens

Ndeye Woven Storage Basket

At the moment, woven baskets are having a huge moment. Perfect for dirty clothes or general storage, the traditional coil-style weaving technique is an essential summer style. This handmade basket from Expedition Subsahara is woven with elephant grass and recycled plastic for sustainability. On top of that, 20 percent of every sale is earmarked for the building of a girls' STEAM school in Senegal, which will empower young women and give them the opportunity, confidence, and education to choose their path in life.

Expedition Subsahara

Sprung SZN Candle Collection

We all know our good sis Jackie Aina doesn't play when it comes to delivering the goods, and that's especially true when referring to her candle line, Forvr Mood. The new Sprung SZN collection is full of vanilla, citrus, and all the summer scents we yearn for.

Forvr Mood

Double Up Planter

What's better than one planter? Two *in my Beyonce voice*. The stoneware planter by The Fond Home is a striking accent piece that will elevate any space, adding a bold and eclectic vibe. With two sections for greenery, it keeps your home lively for summer.

The Fond Home

Limon Pillow Cover

With graphic prints being a huge summer trend this year, the Limon throw pillow cover is a perfect accessory to brighten up your living space. Whether in your living room or one of your bedrooms, this hand-sewn pillow cover is a great piece to elevate any space.

Rochelle Porter

Sage Candle

A great smelling candle with customizable sayings? Sign us up. The Sage candle from Lonez Scents is an earthy, herbal scent with notes of sweet apple. The best part? There's a variety of sayings available ("Culture anxiety is racism, Black and Transparent") to personalize your candle even more.

Lonez Scents

Welcome-ish Welcome Mat

Set the summer mood for your home from the onset by purchasing a fun welcome mat from Kicky Mats! They also make the perfect gift for housewarmings, newlyweds, or birthdays.

Kicky Mats

Sunday in Brooklyn Candle

If you ever wondered what summer Sundays in Brooklyn smell like, look no further than this candle right here. A soy blend with notes of lemongrass and wild basil, this candle has a burn time of 70 hours with beautiful minimalist packaging that compliments any personal space.

Alexandra Winbush

Luxe Namaste Candle

Quite possibly one of the best-smelling candles in 2021, the Namaste Luxe candle is a personal favorite and must-have for the summer season. This hand-poured candle is packed with vanilla and sandalwood with woody undertones; the perfect scent for a calming summer.

Freemont + Bluff

Victoria Art

Beautiful black art, who doesn't want that in their home? The Victoria from Naledi Tshegofatso Modupi is a stunning print that would enhance any space and comes in a variety of sizes.

Naledi Tshegofatso Modupi

Words by Courtney Simpson

Featured image designed by Kyra James

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Alizè V. Garcia, Director Of Social & Community Impact at Nike

"I would tell a new mom or a prospective mother that they must give themselves grace, understand and remember there is no right way to do this thing and have fun! When I had my daughter three and a half years ago, I was petrified! I truly had no clue about what to do and how I was going to do it. But with time, my confidence grew and I realized quickly that I have all the tools I need to be the mother I want to be."

Nikki Osei-Barrett, Publicist + Co-Founder of The Momference

"There's no balance. I'm dropping sh*t everywhere! However, my secret sauce is pursuing interests and hobbies outside of what's required of me and finding time to workout. Stronger body equals = stronger mind."

Lauren Grove, Chief Experience Architect, The Grant Access, LLC

"I try to give myself grace. That’s my mantra for this phase of motherhood…grace. I won’t be able to get everything done. To have a spotless house. To not lose my cool after an exhausting day. Those things can’t happen all of the time. But I can take a deep breath and know tomorrow is another day and my blessings are more plentiful than my pitfalls."

Rachel Nicks,  Founder & CEO of Birth Queen

"You have the answers within you. Don’t compare yourself to others. Curate your life to work for you. Ask for help."

Tanisha Colon-Bibb, Founder + CEO Rebelle Agency + Rebelle Management

"I know love doesn't pay bills but when I am overwhelmed with work or client demands I take a moment to play with my baby and be reminded of the love, energy, science, and Godliness that went into his birth. I am brightened by his smile and laugh. I remember I am someone's parent and not just a work horse. That at the end of the day everything will work out for the good of my sanity and the love within my life."

Christina Brown, Founder of LoveBrownSugar & BabyBrownSugar

"Learning your rhythm as a mom takes time and can be uncomfortable when you’re in a season of overwhelm. Constantly check in with yourself and assess what’s working and what’s not. Get the help you need without feeling guilty or ashamed of needing it."

Mecca Tartt, Executive Director of Startup Runway Foundation

"I want to be the best for myself, my husband, children and company. However, the reality is you can have it all but not at the same time. My secret sauce is outsourcing and realizing that it’s okay to have help in order for me to perform at the highest level."

Jen Hayes Lee, Head Of Marketing at The Bump (The Knot Worldwide)

"My secret sauce is being direct and honest with everyone around me about what I need to be successful in all of my various "jobs". Setting boundaries is one thing, but if you're the only one who knows they exist, your partners at home and on the job can't help you maintain them. I also talk to my kids like adults and let them know why mommy needs to go to this conference or get this massage...they need to build an appreciation for my needs too!"

Whitney Gayle-Benta, Chief Music Officer JKBX

"What helps me push through each day is the motivation to continue by thinking about my son. All my efforts, though exhausting, are to create a wonderful life for him."

Ezinne Okoro, Global Chief Inclusion, Equity, & Diversity Officer at Wunderman Thompson,

"The advice I received that I’ll pass on is, you will continue to figure it out and find your rhythm as your child grows into new stages. Trust your nurturing intuition, parent on your terms, and listen to your child."

Jovian Zayne, CEO of The OnPurpose Movement

"I live by the personal mantra: 'You can’t be your best self by yourself.' My life feels more balanced when I offer the help I can give and ask for the help I need. This might mean outsourcing housecleaning for my home, or hiring additional project management support for my business."

Simona Noce Wright, Co-Founder of District Motherhued and The Momference

"Each season of motherhood (depending on age, grade, workload) requires a different rhythm. With that said, be open to learning, to change, and understand that what worked for one season may not work the other...and that's okay."

Janaye Ingram, Director of Community Partner Programs and Engagement at Airbnb

"My daughter's smile and sweet spirit help me to feel gratitude when I'm overwhelmed. I want her to see a woman who doesn't quit when things get hard."

Codie Elaine Oliver, CEO & Founder of Black Love

"I try to listen to my body and simply take a break. With 3 kids and a business with 10+ team members, I often feel overwhelmed. I remind myself that I deserve grace for everything I'm juggling, I take a walk or have a snack or even head home to see my kids, and then I get back to whatever I need to get done."

Jewel Burks Solomon, Managing Partner at Collab Capital

"Get comfortable with the word ‘no’. Be very clear about your non-negotiables and communicate them to those around you."

Bridget Bogee, Marketing Lead At Meta

"Ask for help and always prioritize making time for you."

Julee Wilson, Executive Director at BeautyUnited and Beauty Editor-at-Large at Cosmopolitan

​"Understand you can’t do it alone — and that’s ok. Relinquish the need to control everything. Create a village and lean on them."

Salwa Benyaich, Director Of Pricing and Planning at Premion

"Most days I really try to shut my computer off by 6 pm; there are always exceptions of course when it comes to big deals or larger projects but having this as a baseline allows me to be much more present with my kids. I love the fact that I can either help with homework or be the designated driver to at least one afterschool activity. Work can be draining but there is nothing more emotionally draining than when you feel as though you are missing out on moments with your kids."

Brooke Ellis, Head of Global Marketing & Product Launches at Amazon Music

My calendar, prayer, pilates class at Forma, a good playlist, and oatmilk lattes all help get me through any day.

Courtney Beauzile, Global Director of Client and Business Development at Shearman & Sterling

My husband is a partner who steps in when I just can’t. My mom and my MIL come through whenever and however I need. My kids have many uncles and aunts and they will lend an ear, go over homework, teach life lessons, be a presence or a prayer warrior depending on the day.

Robin Snipes, Chief of Staff at Meta

"Enjoy the time you have to yourself because once kids come those times will be few and far between."

Monique Bivens, CEO & Founder at Brazilian Babes LLC.

​"For new moms, it is very important that you get back into a habit or routine of something you use to do before you were pregnant. Consider the actives and things that give you the most joy and make the time to do them."

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