Teyana Taylor Spends Romantic Day At The Beach With Iman Shumpert


Teyana Taylor and Iman Shumpart Miau VacationAnd there you have it...

Yesterday, it was revealed that singer/actress Teyana Taylor had a new mystery boo, and now he's been revealed.  It's none other than NBA star Iman Shumpert.   The new couple were spotted in Maui yesterday as the New York Knicks baller celebrated his 24th birthday, and they definitely weren't shy on the PDA.

Last year, Iman was in a public relationship with singer Elle Varner, but before rumors even started to swirl that Teyana was being shady for dating Elle's ex (since they've been photo'd together one time), she shut the whispers down on Instagram.

She wrote to The Shade Room:

Awwww this story would be so juicy if I actually knew Elle. Unfortunately that was my first and last time meeting her and A photographer asked us to take a pic, I Don't know her from a can of paint. Now TAE?? Yes I kno BabyGirl very well. However we won't discuss that anymore, that behind me. Clearly lol Case closed. If u want the real tea all u have to do is ask.

Elle hasn't said anything yet, but it is rumored her new album Four Letter Word is inspired by her breakup with Iman.

Iman Shumpert and Teyana Taylor day at the beach HawaiiTeyana Taylor boyfriend Iman Shumpert

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