Teyana Taylor Debuts Finger Waves After Chopping Off Her Hair

Are the '90s back? It is for Teyana Taylor as the entertainer has chopped off her hair to serve us '90s realness with some bomb finger waves.


Teyana Taylor Hair (2)

Teyana Taylor goes short short

Finger waves on deck!

Scoot over, Tyra Banks. Teyana Taylor needs a spot on the cute cut bus, too!

After trying out a variety of hairstyles over the past year, the slim thick queen known for her bouncy curls took the plunge last week and chopped off her enviable big hair to give us 90s realness with finger waves.

Tey teased her new 'do a few days ago, sharing a close up shot of her new crop but fully unveiled her new look over the weekend. The 24-year-old was out in Cleveland, hosting Runway Mayhem where she also served body in a ripped catsuit and thigh high boots.

Of course this isn't the first time Teyana has gone short, but it's definitely the first time she's gone this short.

Catch the pics and video, plus her hair evolution below:

Teyana Taylor Hair (1)

Teyana Taylor Hair (3)



Peep Teyana toying with a variety of short looks (from curly to wavy and everything in between) while giving some hair inspiration on Page Two:

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