Teyana Taylor Finds Happiness In A New Love


Teyana Taylor and mystery boyfriend

#PoorTeyana? Nope!

With everything that went down with Teyana Taylor, her ex-fiancé Brandon Jennings and her alleged ex-friend Lashontae Heckard, many may have thought the singer was nothing more than a woman scorned/hurt/sad/betrayed, etc. Well just like she told us last month, she's moved on and already has a man. Now we we're getting some receipts.

Wednesday night, Tey somewhat revealed her new boo on her Instagram by posting a picture of them kissing on a beach, along with the caption:

Happy Birthday baby.. #ILoveU

This comes a month after she appeared on The Breakfast Club Morning Show and revealed that although she was hurt by her ex, there was a new mystery man in her life:

I'm happy. I've moved on. I'm so happy and

the n-gga I'm with right now is making me feel so beautiful.

We haven't confirmed who that buffed up body belongs to yet, but interestingly enough, a certain NBA star posted a video of himself singing her new song "Maybe" last week, and coincidentally, his birthday is today.

With Teyana's new track debuting on the iTunes charts at #5 and a new TV show coming this fall to BET (The Start Up with Diggy Simmons and Bria Murphy), things seem to be finally falling in place.

Instagram | Jock & Stiletto Jill

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