[Tearjerker] Virginia Prison Holds Daddy Daughter Dance

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Virginia jail holds dadd-daughter dance

Disclaimer: This video is a year old but I just came across it this week and it made my eyes water and heart melt.

We all know when someone gets locked up, it's their loved ones, including their young kids who suffer the most.  Last year, a Richmond, Virginia jail decided to do something special for the little girls whose fathers were behind bars by holding a Daddy-Daughter Dance right there in prison.

The sheriff approved the dance in hopes that it would be a sobering reminder to these men that they need to straighten up, and would encourage them to change their lives around and stay out of jail.

He said.

"The best way to make good citizens is to make good fathers."

During the dance, one little girl was so happy, she cried while telling the cameras:

I get to touch him and I get to hug him and I get to kiss him.

Seeing the incarcerated dads getting emotional as the girls came through the gates was so touching. Hopefully, it inspires them and other fathers to think twice before making decisions that will land them in these type of situations.

Check it out below:

There is also a documentary being made, inspired by this father-daughter dance, titled "Locked In NOT Locked Out."

According to a Kickstarter page:

There’s a new documentary in the works about fatherhood, built’s a story that has likely never been told. It centers on a father-daughter dance, believed to be the first of its kind, held behind bars in a city jail! The working title: “Locked In NOT Locked Out.”

One day, Angela Patton, Founder and Director of CAMP DIVA, a Richmond, Virginia-based non-profit program that provides opportunities for teen girls of African descent to prepare themselves for their passage into womanhood, was talking to a group of girls in the camp about their relationships with their fathers. It quickly became evident that these girls needed a way to connect with their fathers, a way to invite their fathers into their lives. The girls came up with the idea of a dance. Then, they realized there were girls both inside and outside of the camp who were unable to attend the annual dance with their fathers, either because their fathers were absent, deceased, or incarcerated.

So the girls came up with solutions, like having male family members, father-figures, and other male figures stand in for the absent or deceased dads. But when it came to the girls with incarcerated fathers, they thought of another solution…to bring the dance into the jail! “Locked In NOT Locked Out” will tell the story of how these dances began, and follow the stories after the dances…following incarcerated fathers, as well as fathers who are not incarcerated.

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 10.22.40 AM

They've already received 100 percent of the funding needed and are planning to film the project very soon.

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