T.I. Denies Writing Iggy Azalea's Rhymes

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TI and Iggy-

Does Iggy write her own rhymes?

That's the million- dollar question that everyone wants to know, especially after Nicki Minaj seemed to imply that Iggy doesn't during her "When you hear Nicki Minaj spit, Nicki Minaj wrote it" BET Awards speech back in June.

For some reason or another,  folks think it's T.I. penning those catchy rhymes, but he says that is not the case.

During a recent interview with Detroit's 105.7 radio station, TIP was asked about the ghostwriting rumors, and he said there is no way possible that he could write her lyrics for her.   He also kind of confirmed that she's writing her own songs:

I mean, I ain’t no ghostwriter. Iggy got her own ideas and thoughts that she presents to the world her own way, man. I couldn’t write a lot of the sh-t she say. I couldn’t put her thoughts into words as articulate as she does. She just has a different way of presenting herself and her art. Now, don’t get me wrong, everybody in the studio helps with hooks and certain things like that. That goes for me and any of the other top five rappers. Everybody. It could be a producer, a homeboy, you want the best ideas.

If Iggy could have a mentor, I guess I'm the closest thing to it.

Does that settle the ghostwriting rumors once and for all?

Watch T.I. addressing the Iggy rumors below:

(Starts at the 2:10 mark)

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