Sway Says He Got The Answers

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Sway Got The AnswersSway got the questions...and he obviously got the answers.

Last week, Kanye started yelling "You ain't got the answers Sway," in an interview while discussing funding for his clothing line and being marginalized by corporations, but obviously he was all wrong.  Yesterday, on an episode of MTV's RapFix, Sway revealed that he is now selling "I Got the Answers" tees. Smart business move!

He said on the show:

It seemed to be public demand that I actually respond to an interview that I did with Kanye West a week ago that blew up on the Internet so I decided to respond here on RapFix. Turned down a lot of other interviews but today we're going to set the record straight. For the record, I love Kanye West. That's my little brother. If you got a chance to see the interview, it got really intense. I will admit to that, but everything that Kanye said, I think is true. In fact, I believe in everything he's trying to do and I think we all should listen to the message that's in everything he said in that interview.

He went on to promote his new tees that are available on his website for only $15 a pop.

We reached out to Kanye for a reaction to Sway's new business venture, and his only response was "It ain't no Ralph, though! It ain't Ralph level."

[ha! ha! ha!]

Just kidding!

Kanye has yet to respond but he more than likely will think it's pretty funny.

Watch Sway give the exclusive to MTV below:

And in case you missed Kanye going off on Sway:

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