My Dating Struggles As A Single Mom

Where Are The Men? & Other Questions Single Moms Ask Themselves When Dating


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As I consider the idea of dating again, I ask myself, "Are there any helpful rules or guidelines for dating as a single mom?"

In all honesty, I was never really the dating type. I met my ex-boyfriend in college and from there, he and I were in a six-year relationship from the age of 21-27 (which was prime "casual dating" age). But since I was committed to him, I never got to experience the college dating scene. We ultimately broke up, and soon after, I started dating my daughter's father. He and I had known each other for almost a decade and were friends for a while, but we "unofficially dated" for a few years before I got pregnant. So, my entire 20s was consumed by two individuals. As I creep into my 30s, I am thinking about officially dating.

Now, when I say "dating" I mean going on dates with individuals, getting to know people -- nothing mutually exclusive -- but with hopes of finding a potential mate I could settle down with in the future.

Dating, in general, is tough, but adding a child to the mix seems like a nightmare.

Now that I am a mother, so many questions run through my mind as my friends push me more and more into the shallow dating pool. I feel more pressure than ever to put myself out there and meet men because I know I'm not going to find my husband sitting on my couch in my pajamas all day. I am struggling with the whole dating concept though now that I have a child, and have her best interests in mind.

Is there a manual on how to date when you find yourself in my situation?

Below are questions that have run through the minds of all single moms trying to date again. At least once or twice.

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