[Side Pieces & Honorable Mentions] Five Great Moments From Drake At The 2014 ESPY Awards

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Drake is surely out to prove that he's more than some old one-dimensional rapper. He's an entertainer.

Last night, with the exception of Stuart Scott's moving speech, and Michael Sam winning the Arthur Ashe Courage Award, Drake owned the ESPYS as this year's host while doing his best to keep the black tie crowd entertained between awards.  The gig required him to deliver a 10-15 minute opening monologue where he cracked jokes about the biggest headlines in sports over the past year, while also poking fun at the athletes in attendance.  He also starred in a variety of sports-related skits throughout the show where he tapped into his comedy side while showing off his impersonation skills. 

There were quite a few moments that had us laughing out loud, but here are a few notables [Videos are included for references :) ] :

The Lance Cam ( starts at the 8:34 mark)

During the Eastern Conference Finals this year, Lance Stephenson famously blew into LeBron James' ear as a method of distraction.  At the end of Drake's opening monologue, he walked into the audience and blew into Lance's ear "out of respect." He also got Lance to do the same thing to his former teammate, Paul George, in something he called, "The Double Lance Cam."

Honorable Mentions (performance)

Drizzy showed some love for all the sports losers, as well as himself for losing a Grammy to Macklemore [Yup, there was shade thrown] in a song called "Honorable Mention." He dedicated the new track, which he said was a part of his new sound, to all the number 2's in the house. He said, "You know the song, 'We Are The Champions?', well this is the B Side. I called this 'The Honorable Mentions.'"  Kevin Durant, LeBron James, Colin Kaepernick and the entire Men's US Soccer Team were name-dropped in the song, but the most hysterical moment is when he shouted out Iggy and Nick Young, while claiming they were like a poor man's Jay and Bey.

Drake ft. Brian McKnight - "Side Pieces" (performance)

The charming host also had us howling when he flexed his R&B muscles with a HILARIOUS song called "Side Pieces."  He intro'd the song, "I'd like to shout out the players' wives in the house, the players' husbands, the people who are loyal to these athletes.  This next song literally has nothing to do with you at all. This song is about the real glue that holds sports together, I called this 'Side Pieces,'"  before belting out a slow jam for the sports thots of the world.  Brian McKnight even joined him on stage and demanded the side pieces waaaaaay in the back to wave their hands.

Brian McKnight: (sings) "Sidepieces wave your hands with Drake and meeeeee"

Drake: Don't be embarrassed

Brian McKnight: (sings) Sidepieces where you at?

Drake: They are probably in the top balcony

Brian McKnight: (sings) I know you're not down here in front, you're probably way in the back

Drake:  They can't even see me

*****REAL TEARS*****

(Sidenote: I had to watch this performance back this morning and it was even funnier the second time around.)

Drake vs. Blake

Blake Griffin showed that he had a funny side as well as he joined Drake in a skit called "Drake Vs. Blake," and the results were side-splitting. The two are co-stars in a movie and can't agree on a name, (Drake would prefer Drake & Blake, while Blake suggests Blake & Drake.) The rest of the skit continues with both of them pulling pranks and mocking each other, and Chris Brown also makes an appearance as Drake's doctor.  This may be a start of a bromance.

Favorite line from Drake while he was mocking Blake Griffin: "I think a lot of people are extremely confused about my face. I kind of look like a black guy that jumped into a pit of cheetos and just laid there for a few days and popped up."

Drake Gets A Kiss From Skylar Diggs:  "Can I Dig In"?

Drake continued his obsession with Skylar Diggins by sharing with the audience that he wrote a poem for her titled, "Can I Dig In."  While wearing her #4 Notre Dame jersey, he delivered lines like, "I'd also love to go from being a Skylar fan, to you are cordially invited to the wedding of Aubrey Graham and Skylar Graham, can I dig in?"  Skylar eventually snuck behind Drake and told him that although she is very flattered, this has to stop (She has a boyfriend!). When she asked what would it take to end the madness, he told her, "I want a kiss."

What ensued next was just plain silliness from Drake. (Sidenote: Yesterday, was Skylar's boyfriend's birthday...ouch!)

Bonus: Drake as boxer Manny Pacquiao

Drake starred in a skit as boxer Manny Pacquiao who is trying to embark on a singing career outside of boxing. The problem is, in the skit, he can't sing. His attempt at Manny's accent was hilarious.

Favorite line: When Drake (as Manny Pacquiao) was asked if he was worried about 'Mayweather', he responded "Well to me, it's warmer in July so I'm really not worried about di May weather.

What were your favorite moments from the show?

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