This Disturbing Video Of A Teacher Getting Bullied Raises A Debate On Cops In Classrooms

The first thing that popped in my head when I watched a viral YouTube video of a Chicago Vocational Career Academy teacher getting bullied

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It truly takes a village, and sometimes an army, to raise a child.

That's the first thing that popped in my head when I watched a viral YouTube video of a Chicago Vocational Career Academy teacher getting bullied by her students. Yes, you read that right: An adult was getting bullied by several of her students.

In the video, the children can be seen attempting to throw a desk at the teacher, punching the wall behind her, cursing at her, and just acting a general damn fool.

The Grio reported that the gestures were nothing in comparison to what they said to her.

In the clip, several students can be seen shouting and throwing things at the teacher, telling her to “sit your a** down” and [one student threatens] her with a chair while his peers can be heard egging him on.

“What I say something I mean it. Now ask me what my name is again,” a male student says as he tries to make his way toward the teacher while his classmates hold him back – all while laughing hysterically.

The male student later picks up a chair and desk, holding it above her head and threatening to “smack her a** with a whole bag of M&Ms.”

The teacher's response (or lack thereof) was painful to watch.

The reaction to the video has been mostly that of outrage at the student's behavior.

Other people have pretty much blamed the teacher for lack of classroom control, or the school for not coming to her aid a lot sooner.

On the heels of the controversial Spring Valley High School incident, this video gives a slightly different view of what happens in some classrooms and why calling the police can be justified in some instances.

A Facebook user wrote under the original video of the teacher being bullied:

THIS is when an officer is needed in a class room. THIS is class disturbance. WHERE IS OFFICER SLAM WHEN THE SITUATION IS APPROPRIATE?

While others added:

Imagine if a cop rolled in and threw that kid across the classroom...

Now this is the class the cop in South Carolina should of been called to...

What are your thoughts on how this situation should have been handled?

Update:  Apparently, this video is four years old.   According to one man on Facebook, the video is making it's rounds again because the student in the video decided to share it on his facebook page, and eventually it was picked up by news outlets and blog sites.


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