Sherri Shepherd Forced To Claim A Child She Doesn't Want

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Sherri Shepherd and Lamar SallyLamar Sally with baby

Sherri, You are the MOTHER!

Now there is something you don't hear every day.

Looks like The View co-host Sherri Shepherd will be coughing up those child support checks after all, because yesterday a judge ruled that she is in fact the legal mother of 8-month-old Lamar Sally Jr.- who, by the way, was birthed through a surrogate without the use of her eggs.

Let's back it up.

Last year, Sherri Shepherd and her now ex-husband Lamar Sally decided to go half on a baby when it was discovered in 2011 that Sherri could no longer have children. The couple brought on the help of young surrogate Jessica Bartholome to assist in carrying their child- except it was only Lamar's sperm that was used and not Sherri's egg(s), nor Jessica's for that matter. Before the baby's arrival, Lamar and Sherri decided to call it quits, with Lamar alleging that Sherri no longer  wanted to be involved in the unborn child's life. Sherri, meanwhile, was convinced that Lamar had always intended to use the baby to get her coins.

Since the child's birth, Sherri's ex-husband says he's been struggling to raise little L.J. on his own, with Sherri having yet to meet the baby. When Lamar applied for Medi-Cal (a California healthcare program that provides free or low-cost health insurance to low income families) earlier this year, the application led to the state going after 23-year-old Jessica (the surrogate and part-time waitress) for child support since she's listed as a "non-custodial parent" on the birth certificate.

Crazy, right?

Fast forward a year later, and the judge has now ruled that Sherri is the legal mother of Lamar Sally Jr.

Lamar told People magazine:

"It's bittersweet. I'm glad it's over, but I feel sad what it had to come to. Now I can go back to L.A. and tend to my son."

Lamar and L.J.'s representative, Craig Bluestein, also chimed in:

"There was some additional evidence put on the record involving some video clips involving Ms. Shepherd. [...][She was] expressing excitement over her and Lamar going to have a baby through the help of a surrogate carrier with no genetic connection. I feel very good. I think little LJ, who is not yet 1 year old, needed some protection. Justice was served today."

Meanwhile, Sherri has yet to respond to the decision, but yesterday uploaded an early birthday post dedicated to her 9-year-old son, Jeffery, from her previous marriage:

In Harlem w Jeffrey @CornerSocialNY restaurant celebrating our pre-birthday. This little one born at 5 mos 1lb 10 oz and almost dying almost took me out - I never thought I would smile again but God is amazing... He has a purpose and a plan - if I can make it thru almost losing my child then NOTHING can be worse than that. Surviving is in my DNA! #keepsmiling

sherri shepherd son instagram

It's so sad that a child is involved in this adult mess.

What are your thoughts? Should Sherri be responsible for paying child support?

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