Shannon & Monica Brown Share Memories From 1st Wedding Ceremony

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Shannon & Monica Brown celebrate third wedding anniversary and share photos of wedding

Singer & basketball wife Monica and her baller husband Shannon Brown celebrated their third wedding anniversary yesterday and they're letting us in to what their super private ceremony looked like when they tied the knot.

Back in November 2010, the two stars jumped the broom in a private ceremony in the living room of their Los Angeles home with only two witnesses and a minister present.

Monica posted a collage on Instagram that included a photo and a video of the intimate occasion while revealing that no one knew they got married until they said, "I do:"

Happy Anniversary SB I am often times in awe of you!!! I fell in love with you the second our eyes met & everyday since I've thanked God for allowing me to experience a love that is of him!!!! You have always put the children & I above all else & you constantly remind us we are not alone.. We love you endlessly @shannonbrown26 each day my heart smiles watching you effortlessly be a great father & husband I Love You #ForeverAlways 11-22-10 #Wedding1 #NoOneKnewWeSaidIDO

Peep the video, plus footage of their big, fairytale wedding that they had in front of friends and family the next year below:

Via Instagram

In case you missed it, E! released a special on Monica's second wedding:

The sweetest part is when her son Romelo gave permission for Shannon to marry Monica, and then he gave him a high five as he walked to his seat. That moment was really special!

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