Savannah James Opens Up About The Ways She’s Becoming A Better Woman And A Better Mother
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Savannah James Opens Up About The Ways She’s Becoming A Better Woman And A Better Mother

Savannah James is opening up about her personal life like never before.

The 36-year-old talked about her transformative journey to become a better person and how her positive changes, combined with her childhood experiences, have molded her into a well-rounded parent for her children.

Savannah is married to Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James. The couple, who have been together for over two decades, share three children Bronny James, 18, Bryce James,15, and 8-year-old Zhuri James.

During her May/June cover story issue with The Cut magazine, Savannah revealed the importance of therapy and caring for one's physical and mental health.

Savannah On Becoming A Better Woman 

In the conversation, the mother of three expressed that she has attended therapy in the past because she wanted to "find out more" about who she was as an individual and how her mind operates in "certain situations."

In addition to therapy, she has been finding new ways to enhance her physical and mental health by staying active, removing toxins from her body by incorporating juicing, and following a detox program.

"I've gone to therapy. Anything just to find out more about myself and the way that my brain functions in certain situations. I am a woman getting to a certain age and I need to be aging like the most amazing 19-whatever vintage wine on the market," she stated. "I took a super-heavy intention with my health, moving my body, doing things that may sound weird, juicing for three months. I went on a detox program. I enjoyed it. I felt like I was able to tap into meditation, and my mind was much clearer."

Savannah On How Her Childhood Experiences Have Shaped Her As A Mother 

As the conversation transitioned to parenting, Savannah reflected on her childhood experiences and how it has impacted her parenting skills.

The mother of three revealed that growing up, she was always surrounded by love from her family members, including her extended relatives, so much so that they would often frequent and spend quality time at her grandmother or aunt's house.

Savannah shared that those cherished moments made her want to pass that tradition on to her own family --which also consisted of her close friends--- when she eventually had one.

"Growing up, we always did something together. It was always a gang of us. I had a ton of cousins, aunts, and uncles, and we always had fish fries and things like that at my grandmother's house or at my aunt's house. Having that sense of family, I always wanted to have that from my family. When we moved from Akron, we had to create a new family. Our friends became our family," she said.

Another factor that helped "shape" Savannah's parenting skills was how "super-understanding" her parents, Jennifer Brinson and JK Brinson, were to her as she aged.

Savannah revealed that her parents allowed her to "make mistakes and work through them" and gave her the opportunity to express herself in various ways, which she says she does for her three children now.

"I think also having super-understanding, amazing, positive parents in my life was a part of what shaped me and my parenting style," she stated. "I was given opportunities to make mistakes and work through them. I was an athlete, so I was given the opportunity to express myself in the ways of sports, and they let me jump off the walls and do all of the things, so a confidence in that and a freedom in that, which I also give my kids."

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