Safaree Releases A Response To Nicki Minaj's 'Bed Of Lies' ...And It's Pretty Revealing

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"Cause we both went to sleep on the same of bed of lies."

Remember when Safaree said there will never be any Nicki Minaj slander leaving his lips? Well, that was before he realized he can jump start his rap career by recording some tracks about Onika.

When the up-and-coming rapper was on The Breakfast Club in January to defend himself against Nicki Minaj's venomous "Bed of Lies" bars and her Barbz, the former hypeman said he would never put their business out on front street or speak ill of Nicki despite her doing the same.

I would never do anything public to try and pull her down. Whatever happens between me and her, one-on-one, it is what it is, and it’s personal and I would never put that out there. I could be out here telling a million stories and doing cornball sh*t like that but I’m not gonna do that, I never would do that and I never plan on doing that.

Plans change when your ex is parading around with their new boo when you were kept in the cut for 12 long years like a politician's illegitimate child. Now seven months after "Bed of Lies," Safaree is responding to the track with a newly released single called, "Love The Most," featuring singer Marques Anthony.

On the five-minute single, the Brooklyn rapper paints a somber picture of an emotionally damaged man who spent years fronting happiness for the cameras when he was really depressed and embarrassed for being kept a secret.

Nicki Minaj Safaree BOA Steakhouse 5

Behind doors I'm the man

Calculated and planned

What a shame it took a split for them to know I was ya man

Got so tired of hiding

Head high with no pride in it

Guess I wasn't cool enough cause in our pictures we hiding it

Every time it went south I be sleeping on the couch

Hotel room for one

Thinking what is this about

I took the good with the bad

Over years I was mad

In our pictures you'll be smiling

But inside I'm feeling sad

Did the good outweigh the bad or did the bad outweigh the good

We ain't do it all alone

We took ourselves up out the hood

Yea we made it on a rise

Ain't no green up in my eyes

Cause we both went to sleep on the same bed of lies

He continues on to rap about being the only one who truly cared about Onika and shares dashed dreams of having kids together.

To them you're just a billboard

I cared about your health

I don't care about the wealth

I ain't care about your fame

I ain't care about no flawless VVSs in your chain

I ain't saying I'm the best

No one will love you like I did

12 years up in flames

Thought you would've had my kid

There's also a part where he reveals that he felt embarrassed when Nicki kissed Nas in her "Right By My Side" video, while also confirming rumors that Meek Mill caused their break-up by telling Nicki he was cheating on her.

Nicki minaj nas kissing

Had to watch you kiss Nas and pretend it's cool

Inside I was feeling like a muhf*ckin fool

Life revolved around the beach

Show me a man that won't cheat

Said I was overreacting but you did like him

Said I was overreacting guess you did like him


That's between me and you

It was always me and you

We ain't do this off opinions

It was only me and you

Then you let somebody new come and whisper in your ear

Didn't think he would've told you

That was my biggest fear


Despite all that, Safaree remains a Barb as he admits to still being her number one fan and watching her shows.

Take a listen below.

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