Russell Wilson Practices His Dance Moves With His Real White House Dinner Date

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Russell Wilson dancing with his grandmother

Move over Cici!

Throwing touchdowns ain't Russell Wilson's only talent! He can do a little two step too!

Ciara's alleged new boo reminded fans that he knows his way around the dance floor just as well as the football field yesterday when he shared a #TBT clip of him grooving with his grandma, Carolyn. Granny had no problems keeping up with Russell's footwork as they vibed to R. Kelly's, "Christmas I’ll Be Steppin."

The Seahawks quarterback was all smiles as he enjoyed the fun moment and laughed out loud when Grams grabbed a pair of shades so she could stunt like her grandson. You can even hear the guy behind the camera yelling, "Get it Momma!"

Too cute!

But while the video made everyone smile, it was the caption that had his Facebook fans talking. It appears the 26-year-old football star was able to kill two birds with one stone by posting a fun throwback and clearing up some tea at the same time. In his status, Russell quickly debunked rumors about Ciara being his date for the White House Correspondents Dinner by revealing that his "plus one" is none other than granny Carolyn!

Can't wait to dance with my beautiful date at the WHCD this weekend! ‪#‎shesgotmoves‬ ‪#‎loveugrandma‬

Welp! That pretty much clears up that!

Or maybe Russ is just trying to throw everyone for a loop. Ciara has an album coming out in two weeks. That White House plug would have been the look.

Cute video nevertheless.

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Grandma Drops it Low to the 'DLow' Shuffle

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