LeToya Luckett And Kevin Durant May Be Giving Love Another Try


Kevin Durant and Letoya Luckett 3

Letoya Luckett and Kevin Durant 3

His nickname may be "Not Nice" but apparently Kevin Durant is too much of the opposite for LeToya Luckett to let go.

This past weekend, the singer/actress and Oklahoma Thunder star were spotted with friends at the most happiest place on Earth, Disneyland. Eagle eye patrons caught the pair and their entourage hanging out last Sunday. At 6'9, KD wasn't hard to miss as he made his tall and long self through the park. LeToya was more low-key, wearing Mickey Mouse ears before switching to a white cap pulled down low.

The sighting has us wondering if these two are back together (allegedly) again.

letoya luckett and kevin durant date

Toya & KD were first spotted having dinner together July 2012. Years later, LeToya claimed the seemingly romantic dinner for two was just her seeing KD and dropping by his table to say 'Hi.'

That was a, "Hi! How are you?" moment that people took and [ran away with]. I don't think people have seen a lot of dating between both of us so everyone was like, 'Wait, woah! These two guys...we never seen them do anything. So, this could be pretty serious!' But it was hilarious, and what's crazy is, people make the biggest deal out of this blurry photo. You can't even see my face. It was his back. We were just eating some noodles, and the next thing you know, I'm getting texts and phone calls from everybody, like, 'Ayo! What's going on?!' But [Kevin] is a really, really nice guy, and obviously talented.

Uh huh.

That "hi" turned into LeToya coincidentally being in London to support Kevin at the Olympics a month later.

The connection doesn't just stop at Disneyland.  Coincidentally, Kevin's best friend Cliff Dixon plays a groomsman in LeToya's new movie, Lucky Girl.

Although Disneyland looked like a group outing between friends, KD and LeToya reconnecting wouldn't be so bad --but that's only if she's single.

Just a few months ago, the 'Single Ladies' actress went public with her relationship to producer Jo Blaq.




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