Rumor Control: Kanye Did Not Beat Up Paparazzi In Texas

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If this video that surfaced online today was real, Kanye would need to take a seat in anger management rehab next to Chris Brown! Fortunately, it's not him.

Earlier today, a 30-second video of Kanye allegedly fighting the paparazzi in the streets of Austin, Texas was uploaded to YouTube and quickly made its rounds across the Internet.  In the insane footage that looks like something off of the homepage of World Star, a man who looks incredibly similar to Kanye is spotted slapping around two rumored photographers in the streets. It's pretty bad! Like "Go straight to Jail, do not pass not collect 200 dollars" bad.

Although,  the video is said to have taken place yesterday, there are a few things things that are dead giveaways as to why the man in the video is not Kanye:

1) Kanye is not in Austin. He was just in New York performing for Leonardo DiCaprio's birthday and there is photographic evidence of him arriving in Los Angeles yesterday.

2) Judging from recent photos, Kanye has been wearing the same pair of ripped stone washed jeans for the past few weeks, and the man in the video is wearing skinnies. Not to mention, in the still shots, it's quite evident that the man's body shape is different.

3) The men in question are supposed to be paparazzi but there is no camera equipment in sight.

Verdict: Kanye is the victim of an Internet prank!

P.S.  Kanye would be in a lot of trouble if this were real as he is already facing charges of criminal battery and attempted theft after wrestling with paparazzi at LAX earlier this year.

If you are curious, the fraud video is below:

Judging from how fast this video circulated on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (it had over 350,000 views in a matter of hours), it's amazing to see how many people actually believed Kanye went all "Mortal Combat" on someone. The question now is, who in the heck is in this video and why aren't they in cuffs?

Video spotted @ XXL and ALL Hip Hop

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