Style Guide: How To Rock Culottes Like A Boss

These ain't your granny's culottes.


I know you may have an image in your head of what culottes look like because the connotation of the word usually rings "olden." There has always been battling opinions on whether or not the trend is chic or unsexy.

Since they became a thing in the late 1700's, culottes have definitely been through various iterations over the years. Everything comes back in style, so you should have seen this coming. And luckily for us, they are the pant style to wear this season, and the next, with extraordinary styles and prints. Most importantly, the way culottes so smoothly translate from day to night will make your life easier.

In case you're looking for some culotte inspiration, we found some beauties making this trend their own. Check them out by clicking through the gallery below!



Vana Vain always gets the job done! I love how she paired her army green culottes with this funky midriff. The pink sunglasses are also giving me so much life!

Have you tried rocking culottes? What tips do you have?

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