Rihanna Has A New Boo?


Rihanna wearing satin nightgown in NYC (3)

Lingerie is on the menu for Rihanna who was spotted in the streets of New York City on Wednesday and dressed in her favorite style of clothing. The crowned fashion icon couldn't have cared less about the sweltering NYC heat as she made her way in a pink, lingerie-inspired satin dress, denim jacket and Converse sneakers. This is the second time since last week Rih has stepped out in bedroom-ready wear.

Meanwhile, all hope for Aubrih running off into the sunset together is officially gone. Even though she and Drake have long parted ways after hooking up again earlier this year, it looks like the pop princess has truly moved on, thanks to her rumored new boo.

Clock the tea below:

Last week, Rihanna attended Kevin Durant's July 4th pool party.

Rihanna KD pool party 2

Here she is chatting it up with Big Sean.

Yes, Rihanna and Kevin are managed by the same company, with Rih being a Roc Nation artist and Kevin being managed by Roc Nation Sports, but the connection certainly had to be stronger than that for Rih to be at KD's for a pool party.

Well as it turns out, Rih may have been there with his friend Cliff Dixon. After the pool party, the duo were pictured together inside Hooray Henry's nightclub, and once more when leaving.Rihanna leaving hooray henrys with Kevin Durant's friend Cliff


That's not all.

On Wednesday, Cliff posted an old picture of a curly-haired Rih, along with this tea-dropping caption:

She said they gonna hate no matter what, I said the PJ ready, Where you wanna go for lunch?

He also made her his #WCW last Wednesday and dropped another hint to them possibly being a couple:

#WCW [kissing emoji] They ain't hip [eyes with the hearts emoji]

Well, we're definitely hip now, sir!

Peep the receipts below.

Rihanna Hooray Henry's with Cliff Dixon

Rih and Cliff



Get 'em Rih!

Somebody's crushing!

P.S. Last night, Cliff posted to his Instagram 'Just A Fan...' (alluding that he's stanning hard for Rih but they may not be dating), however he deleted it shortly afterwards.

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