7 Ways To Revamp The Mom Jeans Trend

She get it from her mama.


She get it from her mama! What is IT? Those jeans!

Mom jeans are defined as a style of women's jeans regarded as unfashionable or unflattering. That couldn't be further from the truth. As we know, anything can be flattering with the right amount of drip added to it. Us melanin beings have no problem in that area because our blood is saturated with creativity.

You may be wondering what's the difference between girlfriend jeans, boyfriend jeans and mom jeans. Well, we have you covered. Mom jeans identify as high waist jeans with a baggy fit around the zipper and leg area along with long back pockets. It got its name from the way it shapes your booty which can make it look longer and flatter. No worries though, love, work those squats and we won't have any issues!

We assembled a handful of options that you can easily replicate or pull inspiration from. Flip through the slideshow for more!

When in doubt, rock denim with denim because you can never go wrong. Ronke's fringe jacket takes this trend to the next level and her white tee keeps it archetypal. Choose a similar look for the end of summer barbecue you are sure to attend in the coming weeks.

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