Remy Ma Throws Papoose A Surprise 'Harlem Nights'-Themed Birthday Party

Ex-inmate Remy Ma made up for missing husband Papoose's birthdays with a spectacular 'Harlem Nights' themed surprise party.

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Remy Ma and Papoose at his surprise birthday party 3

Papoose Harlem Nights surprise party 2

Papoose Harlem Nights surprise party

Swizz Beatz and Alicia Keys better watch out! There's another couple who has jumped in the movie themed-party business -- Remy Ma and Papoose.

After seven years of not being able to celebrate her man's birthday like she wanted, rapper Remy Ma made up for her time away in a big way over the weekend by pulling off a birthday party that her husband will never forget.

For Papoose's 37th birthday, Remy organized a live band, a cigar maker, hundreds of balloons, and all of Pap's family and friends to help her celebrate her husband's birthday with a page taken from Harlem Nights -- one of Papoose's favorite movies.

While it was probably easy to get his loved ones in 1920's attire, it was convincing Pap that proved the most challenging for Remy, who herself shimmered in a red sequin curve-hugging gown.

The couple shared several shots from the party with Remy -- or should we say "Sunshine" -- revealing how hard it was to get her "nosey" husband in a suit LOL!

Me & Mr. "It's My Birthday" aka @papoosepapoose last night at his HARLEM NIGHT'S Themed Surprise party - do you know how hard it is to trick somebody who wears baseball caps & hoodies for a living into putting on an entire suit under the pretense that we're just going to "dinner" SMH #HeMadNosy #RemAndPap #RemyMa #ItsHisFavoriteMovie #HeThoughtHeWasQuickAllNight #ImSunshine lol

But it was all worth it as Pap showed his appreciation on his IG page:

Told my wife #Harlemnights is 1 of my favorite Movies so she gave me a surprise #Birthday party #Harlemnights style it was crazzzzzzzy she really went ALLLL out Gotta say I got the best wife in the World it's not even close @therealremyma Love you #Queen

So sweet.

In other news, Keyshia Cole recently revealed in an interview with Brandi Garcia that she will be executive producing a reality show for Remy and Papoose:

They've allowed me to produce [a series on Remy Ma's] wedding so I'm excited about that because she's a good friend of mine and I love her very dearly. I'm very proud of her and very happy for her and she's really focused."

Peep some video below!


Singing Stevie Wonder's "Happy Birthday."

Couple dancing

Catch more photos in the Gallery!

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