How To Balance & Heal An Unhealthy Gut


Our stomach is connected to our solar plexus chakra, and if that is misaligned, we are bound to have problems linked to indigestion, stomach pain, and imbalance.

In 2016, I became very ill, and my Gastroenterologist (GI) ruled out Crohn's and Celiacs Disease. After further testing, it was revealed that my stomach's enzymes were not functioning properly, and I was unable to fully break down my food, and was malnourished, and dangerously underweight. After having to be on a strict diet and artificial enzyme therapy, I had to nurse my problematic stomach back to health.

Our stomachs serve as a first line of defense for our immune systems. As it naturally does its job by secreting acid and enzymes that digest food it contains, its hydrochloric acids also helps to kill off bacteria and viruses that may enter with the food you eat. The point is, our stomachs are the main center for how things are introduced into our bodies, and we heavily depend on the rest of our systems to operate properly based on the conditions of our bellies. A happy gut, is a happy you!

This article will be for people who struggle with stomach and digestion issues. Some people have a really hard time with bloating, gas, or low appetite, while others struggle constantly with upset stomachs and discomfort. Read on to learn some ways I actively work on healing my stomach, common issues we all face, plus tips and tricks to get your belly right!

Be sure to consult your doctor when taking any of these tips and advice.

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Align the Energy Surrounding Your Stomach

As mentioned earlier, the Solar Plexus Chakra is based behind the navel and centers our stomachs. Since our bellies are our first line of defense, it makes sense that the energies carried in the Solar Plexus Chakra has everything to do with confidence, self-control, willpower, motivation, and the desire to be active participants in our lives.

Your Solar Plexus Chakra is out of whack if you suffer with irritable bowel symptoms, consistent fluctuation of being overweight or underweight, stomach aches, gas, ulcers, and acid reflux.

You can work with your stomach on an energetic level by working to open, balance, and align your Solar Plexus. Meditation, affirmations, visualizations, and the use of crystals can help you get your Solar Plexus energy together.

Find out how to open, balance, and align all of your chakras here.

Find Out What Your Stomach Hates and Stay Clear of It

We all have those problem foods that just don't sit right with our stomachs, literally. Some consequences for eating foods that don't mesh well with your system are more blatant than others. For me personally, I know that every time I drink milk or cream with my coffee, my stomach usually reacts with discomfort or slight aching. This of course depends on what else is in my system, but now I go out of my way to try using things like coconut creamer or almond milk instead of dairy products. As much as I love my half and half, it doesn't serve me to ingest what makes my stomach hurt.

Sometimes, this happens with fruits and anything high in fructose. I have a hard time breaking down the sugars that come from fruits like apples, strawberries, watermelon, and pineapple. Depending on the temperament of my stomach, I'll often find myself feeling queasy or with that dry mouth feeling after eating certain fruits. In order to get the nutrients I need from natural fruits, I find that it's easier for me to digest things like smoothies, or juices, with added protein or yogurt. It's up to you to figure out what works best for your diet.

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Visit Your Doctor

On a more serious note, don't ignore signs that something truly is causing harm to your body. If you think you may have a more serious issue with a food intolerance, or allergy, make an appointment with your GI doctor as soon as possible. Gluten allergy is an example of something that might be more sneaky to diagnose, but once you find out, you'll be amazed at how different the quality of your health is.

Regulate Your Stomachs Acids

Unruly stomach acids can be the cause of great pain and excruciating acid reflux. If you find that you constantly deal with stomach burn, upset stomach, nausea, low stomach acid, or other gastrointestinal issues, it might be time to get your stomach acid under control. The following tips and tricks are ways in which you can do so:

  • Chew your food thoroughly. Don't rush and gulp your food down. Chewing your food thoroughly stimulates the enzymes in your stomach to do its job once the food has passed through your esophagus.
  • Eat less processed and greasy foods that are high in sugars, fats, and other artificial elements. These kind of foods cause inflammation and make your stomach's job that much harder. Incorporate more healthy foods like fruits and leafy green vegetables into your diet to balance the environment in your stomach.
  • Eat fermented foods like pickled vegetables, or even incorporate some apple cider vinegar into your diet. These foods have probiotic effects that can improve digestion, fight harmful bacteria, and reduce inflammation from low stomach acid. Raw apple cider vinegar is rich in protein and enzymes that can help break down bacteria in food.
  • Take supplementary probiotics or eat a lot of yogurt. These items support a healthy flora and fauna of your stomach, and regulates the natural pH balance in your body. By having an influx of healthy bacteria in your system, you will feel a rejuvenating difference in how your body processes food.
  • Eat ginger! Growing up, I was always told that warm ginger ale settles your stomach. As an adult, I have realized that though ginger is a major ingredient in soda, the fact that it's a soda with added sugars sort of defeats the purpose. Try to get used to ingesting all-natural ginger. Maybe make hot teas or infuse your water with fresh ginger.

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Vitalize and Nourish by Balancing Your Appetite and Diet

Eating a full balanced meal is a sure way to vitalize and nourish your system, and putting an end to your tummy woes. This includes getting on a routined schedule for eating. I have been a serial breakfast skipper and sporadic eater since 9th grade. This has surely contributed to my illness in 2016. Healthy food can be expensive but if you care about your well-being, you will put a healthy diet in one of the top spots on your budget.

Not providing your stomach with food and the regulation it needs to protect your immune system from the start to the finish of the day is a major No-No. Even if you have convinced yourself that you don't need breakfast because every time you eat it in the morning your stomach hurts, you must break past that mental conditioning. If you are a light eater, you must understand that you don't need to stuff yourself to gain nutrients. If you are an overeater, you must understand that you don't need to stuff yourself to gain the nutrients you need.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner that includes all of the vital 7 food groups throughout the day that the human body needs to survive, is something that you can truly do if you care about getting your stomach right! I am not a nutrition expert, and I definitely don't push my own agenda of what foods you should or should not eat. Check out the chart below and commit to balancing your diet, strengthening your appetite, exercising, and nourishing your body.

Find balance, regulate, and get your calorie requirements.

What advice will you take to get your stomach right?

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