Readers Weigh in On How Celibacy Made Them Better After Keyshia Cole Vows to Abstain From Sex

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It's a never ending debate- should we or shouldn't we wait?

Last week, our Instagram and Facebook were on fire as Bitchie readers weighed in their opinion on abstinence during our #BitchieChat hour.  Men and women alike had all types of varying opinions on whether sex makes or breaks a relationship, and if it hurts your chances of getting married later down the line.

Last night we revisited the topic again after singer Keyshia Cole declared her celibacy for the remainder of 2015, but this time we asked readers whether or not putting off sex not only helps a relationship, but their overall lifestyle in general. According to Keyshia, the last time she vowed to withhold "getting any" was right before her career took off, insisting that a major part of her success was due to a lack of sex and the ability to remain focused because of it.

 “The year I was signed, when I decided to drive to LA in search of change! I decided on celibacy! Went 10 months before any sexual activity! I'm back in that mind frame! Abstinence is what I decided before the new year! #CauseIDontHaveTime #5'2 #Shorty #LetItGo #EnoughOfNoLove"

When we asked our readers if they had similar luck in the department of celibacy, we were blown away.  The testimonies each lady had to the benefits of holding off on sex (from improved emotional and mental health to more money and goals accomplished) were inspiring.  From single mothers who are ready to get married to women who are just fed up from "no love," you guys held nothing back!

We guess there is a "D" in detox for reason ;)

Check out these very inspiring (and interesting)  responses below:












We even had one woman (a 38-year- old mother of three) who got emotional and poured her heart out in the comments. She hoped that the message would be an example to her daughter:

Bitchie response censored


Oh, and we also had some men weigh in on last week's chat (primarily because it focused on practicing abstaining from sex while in a relationship versus just being single and celibate). Here were their thoughts on women wanting to be in a relationship and playing the waiting games:

Does-Waiting-To-Have-Sex-Abstinance-Celibacy-Matter-12 Does-Waiting-To-Have-Sex-Abstinance-Celibacy-Matter-13 Does-Waiting-To-Have-Sex-Abstinance-Celibacy-Matter-14 Does-Waiting-To-Have-Sex-Abstinance-Celibacy-Matter-19



"I'm not waiting more than a month for even Beyonce's box..." -____- We can't say he wasn't honest though.

What are your thoughts?

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