Readers Share Their Incredible Weight Loss Journeys (Part 2)


#bitchietransformation starring  @sehmoan

#bitchie transformation starring - @itsmeshannon73

Today is Transformation Tuesdays!

Every week, we feature some of our amazing readers and their incredible weight loss stories on our Instagram page, and we've decided to bring it to the website as a bi-weekly feature. Hopefully some of the incredible women (and occasionally men) will help inspire those who have been trying to find the motivation to go hard for their fitness and nutrition goals.

Catch a few amazing stories below:

#Bitchietransformation starring @kristennprice

Kristen writes:

"I started my weightloss journey nearly 2 years ago, after topping the scales at over 220 lbs on my 4 ft. 11 inch frame. I was miserable, stressed out, anxious and out of control. Similar to the popular quote, "I woke up one day and decided I didn't want to feel like that anymore or ever again. So just like that, I changed."

Now the gym is like my second home.

When I'm dealing with life's challenges, the gym becomes my "happy place." The biggest difference in my personal experience has been understanding that although I still struggle with making better choices at times, each day is a new opportunity to do better than the last. So I don't beat myself up anymore. Although my progress has seemed slow and steady at times, it was important for me to lose weight the natural way. I wanted to prove to myself that if I worked hard and didn't give up, the rewards would eventually come." - @kristennprice

#Bitchietransformation starring @meltmindandbodyfitness

Tiffany writes:

"After 20 years of yo-yo dieting and a life changing trip to the doctor, I decided to make a permanent change. 2.5 years later, I lost 128lbs through consistent diet and exercise. I did meal planning, cardio, and weights daily. I was left with a significant amount of extra skin all over. I had skin removal surgery, a breast lift, and implants so I could look and feel somewhat normal. I ended up with a blood clot from the surgery in my long that nearly killed me.

But it didn't stop the journey.

I'm now recovered and continue to make healthy dieting and daily exercising a priority. Some days are harder than others but I never give up. Now at the age of 44 (I started this at 40), I am reshaping my body into what I've always wanted. Certified to teach group fitness and currently working on a health coach and personal trainer certification. I've been transparent about all aspects of my journey in hopes of helping others. You can find me on Instagram @meltmindandbodyfitness and on Facebook under the same name.” -@meltmindandbodyfitness

#bitchietransformation starring  @sehmoan

Mackenzi writes:

"My name is Mackenzi and I began my weight loss journey at the age of 15. During this year (2006) I reached an all time high of 345 lbs, and discovered that I had severe 'Acanthosis Nigricans' and was diagnosed as pre-diabetic. I was miserable, bullied, consistently left out and I was not experiencing a normal childhood. I got extremely depressed and contemplated suicide on a number of occasions. I could not see a future for myself, and decided I had to make a change if I ever wanted a chance at experiencing a normal life.

In August of 2006 I began seeing a psychologist and nutritionist, as well as sought out the help of my mother's trainer for a few sessions to learn what I should and should not be doing in order to tone and shape myself as I lost weight. I changed my attitude and habits and after 2 years of rigorous exercising and a complete lifestyle change reduced my weight to 167.

I did not "diet"- I completely altered my frame of mind and convinced myself that food was not the key. I was overindulging, making some of the worst nutritional decisions possible, binge eating, and ruining my life by eating myself into depression trying to escape it. A diet couldn't pacify my issues; there was something deeper. My best advice is to not focus on the dieting and exercising until you've discovered the core of your issues and this can be applied to anything in life. Then diet and exercise must be fine tuned to fit your personal life and is extremely important. The catalyst must be discovered before any healing can occur."

bitchie transformation starring  @itsmeshannon73

Shannon writes:

"I started my journey in Feb 2013 when I was 39 years old I knew by the time I turned 40 I wanted to look and feel a certain way and be happy in my own skin. Although at 198 lbs people use to tell me that I was "thick" and had a nice shape, inside I was not happy. I knew I could have easily topped 200 lbs in the blink of an eye. Drinking alcohol, partying, eating late at night, battling depression (I am a domestic violence survivor), etc. all led up to my quick weight gain.

In Feb 2013 I found 'Denise Bryers Bootcamp Cincinnati' in Ohio and started going everyday and in 6 months, I had lost 20 pounds. In 2 years I have lost 60 pounds and competed in my first figure fitness show in Oct 2014 and placed 4th in two respective categories. Now at age 42 I am getting ready to compete in my 2nd 'NPC Figure' show. The most important thing I have learned from this journey is consistency, dedication, surrounding yourself with positive people and most important DIET! While I work full time in I.T. I have now began personal training to help others on their own weight loss journey."

If you’ve had an amazing transformation over the years, share with us your before and after photo. You can participate on IG or Twitter using the hashtag #bitchietransformation or email us at fans@necolebitchie.com, Subject: ‘Bitchie Transformation.’

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